Car Break-in Caught on Video

An Edgewater Isle resident posted a video about car break-ins at Edgewater Isle. The video shows a man breaking into several cars on Vista Del Sol in the very early morning hours (3:13 a.m.) on March 14, 2019. The original poster said that the burglar tried multiple cars all parked on Vista Del Sol.

The full posting, with video, can be seen on

San Mateo and the entire Bay Area have seen an uptick in car burglaries. Remember to ALWAYS take any valuable with you when you leave your car.

Car burglary at Edgewater Isle

Homeowner Needs Help

Last year, a long-time Edgewater Isle homeowner created a GoFundMe page seeking help to "keep [her] from being homeless." The homeowner is not familiar with social media promotions, and the account hasn't received many donations, resulting in slow progress in meeting her stated goal of $10,000.

The homeowner lists her reasons for seeking donations, all of which can be read on the GoFundMe page (archive link).


Kelly McGuirk Attempted to Get Back on the Board of Directors

After being summarily removed from the Edgewater Isle Board of Directors, sources say that last year Kelly McGuirk ran for the board again but lost.

The residents of Edgewater Isle have apparently finally seen the light.

Edgewater Isle Senior Apartments Hosts Event

The group 70 Strong is holding two upcoming events at the Edgewater Isle Senior Apartments. On January 9 and January 23, the group will host “Meet a 70 Strong Community Navigator” from 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. on each of those days. Learn about free and low-cost activities and services for older adults in San Mateo County. Read more.

Homeowners Lose Important Advocate

Edgewater Isle Installs Memorial Bench

In memory of the late Barbara Finnegan, the Edgewater Isle Master and South boards of directors installed a bench along the walkway fronting the San Mateo Lagoon. Ms. Finnegan served on the Master and South boards from 2000 - 2016 and passed away last December.

Disturbances Reported on Via Laguna

The San Mateo Police Department has reported two "disturbances" on Via Laguna on April 1 and April 2, 2017.

The first incident shows "[pronoun redacted -- spouse] was beating [pronoun redacted] up". The second incident shows "[pronoun redacted -- spouse] was in verbal (sic) and kicked [pronoun redacted] out and [pronoun redacted] was trying to get back in."

Official police reports do not appear for either incident.

Kelly McGuirk Arrested

Kelly McGuirk was arrested on suspicion of a violation of California Penal Code 243(e)(1) in San Mateo on December 20, 2016, multiple sources say. This arrest occurred the day after McGuirk was removed from the Edgewater Isle board of directors by a vote of members. California's legal website shows PC 243 (e)(1) as “a battery is committed against a spouse, a person with whom the defendant is cohabiting.”

Multiple sources say that Ms McGuirk was arrested within Edgewater Isle and was "booked" into the San Mateo County jail.

Kelly McGuirk Removed from Board of Directors

The membership of the Edgewater Isle North Homeowners Association voted to remove board member Kelly McGuirk from the board of directors by a vote of the members that was tabulated on December 19, 2016. The membership voted 102 in favor of removal and 8 against removal. 15 ballots were determined to be invalid ballots (not signed, unregistered transfer of ownership).

As previously mentioned, any rational person should ask the remaining board of directors why this person was appointed to the board, in a sneaky manner, to begin with. The board of directors' clandestine behavior did them no favors, and homeowners should AUDIT THE BOOKS to see if there are any more secret landscaping projects or whatever.

The board of directors knew or should have known of the issues with this person. They were warned here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here. It's kinda like when your mother tells you not to stick your finger in the electrical socket, but you do anyway.

Members have voted to remove Kelly McGuirk from the Board of Directors.


Kelly McGuirk Targeted for Removal from Board of Directors

The Edgewater Isle North board of directors sent a letter to homeowners last week campaigning for the removal of board member Kelly McGuirk. The letter included a ballot for owners to vote "yes" or "no" on whether to remove this director. In the letter, the Association board of directors stopped referring to "Kelly" only by her first name as they had done over the past year or so in Association correspondence since they downplayed their appointment of her on the BOD last year.

The North Association's attorney Rob D MacDonald letter to owners dated November 1, 2016, among other things, stated the following:

  1. “...(Kelly McGuirk) has, on two occasions, been formally censured for inappropriate actions during her tenure....”

  2. “(Kelly McGuirk) presented a fake letter to the board, claiming it was written by a tenant.....The Board relied on the letter in taking action on behalf of the Association, (and) ...tenant confirmed she had not written ....the letter.”

  3. “(Kelly McGuirk) created a fake email, claiming it was from one of the directors, and sent the fake email to other directors....”

  4. “(Kelly McGuirk) created fake emails ostensibly from a vendor and an association manager pertaining to work by the vendor, and distributed the email to directors under false pretenses, misleading the Board and influencing its actions.”

  5. “The Board is informed Ms. McGuirk entered erroneous email addresses to make it appear communications were sent to all directors, when in fact certain directors were being excluded....”

  6. “The Board is informed that Ms. McGuirk misrepresented her identity and communicated with the Association's management and a vendor under false pretenses....”

Ballots are due by December 19, 2016.

Were there warnings about Kelly McGuirk?Were there any warning signs?

Yes, there were! There were warnings here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here.

Why did the Edgewater Isle board of directors (currently Annalee Edwards, Ruth Hages, Parker Ward, and Janet Holbrook) appoint Kelly McGuirk back to the board of directors after all of the above information had been made public? The Association's communications for the past year in referring to "Kelly McGuirk" as only "Kelly" makes it appear that the BOD wanted this appointment to go unnoticed by the membership.

Did the Edgewater Isle Board of Directors think that they were "special," or "smarter," or "better," and that they would exempt from being recipients of this type of repeatedly exhibited behavior? Why did the board of directors put her back on the board? Did they ever ask themselves:

Why would Kelly McGuirk want to be on the board again?”

Criminal Liability, Association Liability, etc. ?

The letter from attorney Rob D MacDonald raises a number of questions:

Are these criminal actions described in their letter? For example California Penal Code §528.5 says

(a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any person who knowingly and without consent credibly impersonates another actual person through or on an Internet Web site or by other electronic means for purposes of harming, intimidating, threatening, or defrauding another person is guilty of a public offense....

Does this situation fall in that category? That's for others to determine, but this letter does not offer any indication of how the Association is pursuing redress of this matter. But, perhaps they are and the Association can't comment on it now.

Is the Association liable for anything since they knowingly put a CONVICTED FELON back on the board of directors? Did Kelly McGuirk have signing authority on the Association's checking account? She previously abused that priviledge, and the Association did nothing about it. Who is auditing the checking account for the last year? Will the auditor be informed of this situation? Did the Association's insurance company know a convicted felon was on the board?

More questions to come.

As always, any comments, questions, etc. are welcome.


What ever happened to Nick Pargett?

22MAY 2016

An eagle-eyed reader sent us this clip about former property manager Nick Pargett, the alleged property manager for Edgewater Isle Master Association who turned over his business to PML Management in 2008.

Pargett was not known for his warm and friendly tenor with the homeowners during his time at Edgewater, and, arguably, that trait appears to have followed him to Redding, California, where our reader sent us this:


Nick Pargett informed the board of his dismay at the way he has been treated by RSA's director.

Read entire document here.

South Proposes Draconian Amendment

18FEB 2016


The Edgewater Isle South Association sent out a mailing to owners with the Board's proposed updates to their 30-years-old CC & Rs and 20-years-old Bylaws.

Owners have been asked to approve a new article that would give the City of San Mateo “police power” over unspecified matters of the Association. This broad and undefined proposed amendment has potential to drag homeowners into a battle with the City of San Mateo over as-of-yet undefined matters and would leave the homeowner on the hook for the City's attorney fees.

Such a proposed amendment is only in the association attorneys' benefit (including Berding and Weil) as association attorneys have no incentive to resolve disputes while having every reason to prolong them (money).

All homeowners should reject the proposal as it is just another (potential) grab of homeowners' equity and in no way benefits owners, just the Association lawyers.


As an aside, why do the Edgewater Isle South Association and/or their attorneys Berding & Weil LLP believe that a “copyright” and a “no part of this document may be reproduced” clause is appropriate for a matter of public interest?

Flyers Posted for Lost Cat

28SEP 2015

A reader alerts us to flyers posted on the Edgewater Isle South mailboxes soliciting help for a lost cat. Many people are animal lovers, and it behooves everyone to watch out for our our-legged friends and help them when they get lost.

lost cat at edgewater isle


City of San Mateo To Implement Smoking Ban

22JUL 2015

No SmokingThe City of San Mateo is working on new anti-smoking restrictions that would apply to all multi-family dwellings, including the townhouse or condo style housing units at Edgewater Isle.

The City Council has asked staff to return to the Council on August 20 with a proposed ordinance that would include banning cigarette smoke in all multi-family dwellings, as well as other public areas.

Belmont and Foster City have already implemented similar restrictions.

Read the San Mateo Daily Journal's article for further information.

Moving Van Blocks Vista Del Mar

20JUL 2015

moving van blocks street at Edgewater IsleA homeowner reports that on Saturday, July 18, 2015, a moving van took up a good section of Vista Del Mar, including blocking 2 garages not involved in the move.

This homeowner reports that they talked to the parties involved, who said they had "permission from the homeowners association." Which seems more than a little incredible. The fire department wouldn't allow anyone to block the street in this manner, so is it really believable that the homeowners association would? Seems like a desperate excuse from someone in the moving party.

Edgewater Isle North Association is hiding a convicted felon being on the board of directorsIs North Deliberately Misleading Owners?

6JUL 2015

A homeowner reports that, in their June dues statement, was a copy of the April newsletter which was previously sent out in, well, April. This homeowner reports they have now received 2 copies of the April newsletter, but interestingly, zero copies of the June newsletter, which, we say, was written to disguise the North Association's appointment of a convicted felon back on the board of directors.

Why on earth would Community Management Services send an April newsletter in June? Were extra April newsletters just sitting around? We have to wonder how many other homeowners received something other than the June newsletter and why the North association is hiding just who is on the board.

Is a Convicted Felon on the North Board of Directors?

20JUN 2015

Individual Has At Least Seven Theft Convictions

The June newsletter for the North Association contains a sentence at the end reading "Your board of directors, Annalee, Kelly, Peter, Ruth, and Parker wish you and yours a Safe and Happy 4th of July."

This is very odd, because the North newsletters, for as long anyone can remember, have always fully named the board of directors. Since when did "my" board of directors start going by one name, like "Cher" or "Madonna?"

Sources say that the North board of directors has appointed a former board member back on the board. In light of earlier stories that ran on this website about that individual's multiple felony convictions, manipulation of association assets for personal benefit, self-dealing transactions (promoting a family business while denying its affiliation), billing personal items to the Association, and misrepresentation to the Court, the Board of Directors may be trying to hide this appointment from the community.

Meeting minutes cannot hide the full names of the board of directors. And since this newsletter is a monthly communication from the Association, we have to ask, loudly, why last names were omitted here.

Save the Bridgepoint Ice Rink

3APR 2015

Owner of Bridgepoint Shopping Center Wants to Demolish Ice Rink

Back in the 1990's, when the shopping center was known as Fashion Island Shopping Center, the owner sold the mall and the new owners tore it down and rebuilt it. And they changed the name to Bridgepointe. Part of the City of San Mateo's approval for this project was that the ice skating rink remain. And it did. The entire Fashion Island mall was torn down around the rink but the rink survived.

The new owners of the mall have been trying for years to get the rink torn down because they don't think there are enough retail stores at Bridgepointe. Or in San Mateo. And that's a total farce and everyone knows it. Public support is running in favor of keeping the rink: not one comment supports adding additional retail stores. (By the way, this comes at a time when the City of San Mateo is conidering removing the public tennis courts in Central Park).

See the Facebook group page for the group trying to save the rink.

Update: Edgewater Isle Master Small Claims Case

24MAR 2015

Master Association Filed over Unpaid Dues

The small claims court case that the Edgewater Isle Master Association had filed against a homeowner back in December was finally resolved today.

Court records show this is the third time an Edgewater association has filed a court complaint for unpaid dues against this particular homeowner.

Today, the Edgewater Isle Master Association dismissed the complaint as the defendant just yesterday paid the late dues. The complaint was "dismissed with prejudice," meaning it cannot be filed again.

Insurance Broker May Be Charging for Documents Illegally

12FEB 2015

Homeowners Should Check the Legality of Insurance Brokers Charging for HOA Insurance Documents

Insurance verification is often needed to either secure or refinance a loan. When homeowners request an insurance verification from the association's insurance broker, the broker has already been paid a commission and by law is not allowed to charge any more fees.

But that doesn't mean they don't. According to the California Insurance Code § 2189.3, broker fees are legal only in a very few situations, and include:

The Edgewater Isle South Association’s insurance broker, Socher Insurance (who lists itself as "California's Leader in HOA Insurance" on their website) uses a third-party website, EOI Direct, which requires homeowners to complete a web form about their property and lender information. Once the form is completed, it requires the homeowner to submit a $55-63 fee. After the fee is paid, the EOI Direct system submits the information to the lender. So, the homeowner inputs and process the entire transaction themselves, and is then $55-63 fee for doing so. There doesn't seem to be any actual need for any human to do any work or any postage or copying costs, so how is this $55-63 charge justified?

As started Setion 2189.3 , the broker must comply with all items above to be able to charge a broker fee and must disclose this fee prior to providing a quotation for the associations insurance. This means the broker cannot be directly representing the insurance company, that a broker fee is disclosure is provided, and this must all be done before the insurance is placed every year. If it was disclosed, did the HOA board of directors agree to having the homeowner pay $55-63 and perhaps not disclose this to the homeowners? Chances are, this is against California Insurance Code. On top of that, the homeowners do all the work to generate this document which electronically transmits this to the lender and the agency gets the fee.

If you feel you have been wrongfully charged (and this is likely if you paid the $55-63), you may file a complaint by going to the California Department of Insurance and completing a complaint form.

We welcome the Association's or Socher Insurance Agency's response or rebuttal.

Master Association Sues Owner

30DEC 2014

The Edgewater Isle Master Association filed a small claims case against a homeowner in Redwood City on Monday, December 29, alleging unpaid association dues from April 2014.

This is the third time an Edgewater association has sued this homeowner for unpaid dues. The previous two cases were filed in 2000 and 2002. Both cases were ultimately settled by the homeowner paying the judgment entered in the case.

In the case just filed, the Master Association alleges that the homeowner owes $3,013.55 for unpaid dues and collection fees. (But mostly for junk collection fees.) The hearing date is scheduled for February 17, 2015.

UPDATE: The case has been rescheduled for March 24, 2015, at 1:30 p.m., apparently because the Edgewater Isle Master Association or its collection agency failed to serve the defendant in time for the original hearing.

Getting Association Documents

14DEC 2014

In today's recurring "Associations" column in the Los Angeles Times, an owner writes:

"Our board and management are highly skilled at circumventing laws by using delay tactics for owner requests. Our association's accounting consists of nothing more than unverifiable summaries presented as fact. Management even announced they shredded everything before 2006 per board instructions; management and directors boast of attending seminars where they're taught these tricks."

The answer includes the following:

"Worse, there is no per se liability for an association that fails to maintain and retain records created prior to Jan.1, 2006, as required by in Civil Code section 5210(a)."

This is why it is critically important for all homeowners to save every document the association mails to owners. The Association may not be keeping their own documents, and if you don't have them, who will?

Read the entire article.

Associations Must Accept Partial Payments

14OCT 2014

Today, the 4th District Court of Appeals in California published an unanimous opinion (meaning the case can be cited in future cases) stating that homeowners associations MUST accept partial dues payments from homeowners in payment of a debt, EVEN IF a lien has already been filed on the homeowner's separate interest.

The HOA delinquent dues collection scam has grown into a boutique business, with firms set up for the practice of doing nothing but HOA dues collection. The fees added to a delinquent homeowners dues can be double or triple the amount of delinquent dues. Boards of directors, through HOA law firms who represent associations only, have been encouraged by these lawyers to not accept partial payments. These HOA law firms often own their own subsidiary law firm that does nothing but collections, hence the law firms' enthusiasm on foreclosures.

Today's court decision says that an association "shall," which means "must," accept partial payments in payment of a past-due debt, and that partial payment MUST be applied to late dues before it's applied to anything else, such as lawyer fees.

The court concludes by saying:

After considering the language of section 5655(a) and its context within the Davis-Stirling Act, we conclude an association must accept a partial payment made by an owner of a separate interest in a common interest development toward a debt described in section 5650(a) and must apply that payment first to assessments owed.

Read the complete decision here.

Arrest Made

29JUL 2014

On July 29, a resident made a report to the San Mateo police about a suspicious individual on the property.

The individual in question was arrested for two misdemeanor crimes, vandalism and resisting arrest. Prosecution is pending.

Caller Attempts to Defraud Resident

24JUN 2014

On June 15, a resident at the Senior Apartments reported an attempted phone fraud, with the fraudster claiming to be an IRS agent. The victim realized it was a scam, and did not give up any money.

The San Mateo Police Department offers some tips on how to recognize scams on their blog.

Senior Apartments Remodeling

3JUN 2014

The owner of the Senior Apartments, HIP Housing, has notified homeowners that they are planning some remodeling to the 3 buildings in the Senior Apartments complex.

Plans include a new office and new solar panels.

A meeting will be held tomorrow, June 4, for homeowners' input. Read the mailer to see all details.


Edgewater Isle North Threatens to Dispose of Owners' Property

12APR 2014

An Edgewater Isle North homeowner wrote to say that the North Association is threatening to remove homeowners' property as they see fit.

In its March 2014 newsletter, the Edgewater Isle North Association wrote that any owner who has a security sign in a flower pot will have it (the sign) removed by the board of directors without notice.

In light of the two known Megan's Law offenders and other criminal offenders (e.g., convicted thieves) living at Edgewater Isle, as well as other known violent incidents, why are owners prohibited by "The Board" from protecting their own interest?

The Edgewater Isle North board of directors may be unaware that "traditional tort principles impose on landlords, no less than on homeowner associations that function as a landlord in maintaining the common areas of a large condominium complex, a duty to exercise due care for the residents' safety in those areas under their control."[Frances T. v. Village Green Owners Assn., 42 Cal 3d. 490 (1986.] "Directors are jointly liable with the corporation and may be joined as defendants if they personally directed or participated in the tortious conduct." [United States Liab. Ins. Co. v. Haidinger-Hayes, Inc., supra, 1 Cal.3d 586, 595.]

It is doubtful the Association's insurance policy would protect individual board members under their Directors and Officers' insurance policy if an owner is robbed (or worse) after an Association deliberately removes security signs. And therefore, individual board members could be held personally liable for damages.

Edgewater Isle North threatens to remove security signs from owners' personal property

CSI Construction Services Is Confused

12APR 2014

An Edgewater Isle South homeowner writes us to share a letter sent out to all owners at the "Vista Del Mar" association. There is no known "Vista Del Mar" association at Edgewater Isle, only the various "Edgewater Isle" associations.


CSI gives notice to wrong association

Edgewater Isle North Association Sues Former Owner

13MAR 2014

The Edgewater Isle North Association filed a lawsuit in Superior Court on March 10 for a former homeowner's unpaid dues for $7,397.44 (which includes junk fees).

The former owner abandoned the property and it was in foreclosure proceedings. The Association did not pursue collecting the dues when the amount was under $5,000 (the limit for a corporation to sue in small claims court) and now has to file in Superior Court to pursue the unpaid dues.

Edgewater Isle North sues former homeowner for unpaid dues

Judgment Issued Against Owners for Unpaid Dues

13FEB 2014

The Edgewater Isle North Association was officially awarded a judgment against former homeowners for unpaid dues after a small claims court hearing on December 15, 2013 (previously reported below). The Association has also recorded an Abstract of Judgment.

With an official judgment, the Master Association can begin collection activities. Collection activities can include garnishing wages or attaching a bank account (which means legally taking money out of the judgment debtor's bank account). The Abstract of Judgment will mean that any property the judgment debtor sells within the County will be subjected to that judgment, and amount of the judgment is sent to the Association before any proceeds going to the judgment debtor.

golf cart on a joy rideMaintenance Golf Cart Stolen

26JAN 2014

On the morning of Tuesday, January 21, an unknown suspect stole the maintenance golf cart at Edgewater Isle.

The theft was promptly reported to the San Mateo Police Department. The suspect was described as a man with a thin build, possibly Asian, wearing a baseball cap.

The cart was recovered about one hour later. It was not damaged and nothing was stolen from it. No arrests have been made.

Resident Sentenced: Is Now a Registered Sex Offender

16JAN 2014

An Edgewater Isle resident who pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography has been sentenced.

Joshua Lockwood, 31, a resident of Edgewater Isle, was sentenced on January 7 in San Francisco County Superior Court to 1 year in County jail, 5 years of probation, a lifetime mandatory registration as a sex offender, and ordered to pay fines and fees.

Additionally, all material was ordered confiscated and destroyed.

Lockwood is not allowed to be around other sex offenders and cannot live with children under 18 or invite children under 18 into his home. If he has children of his own, he must obtain court permission to live with them (his own children).

The next hearing, for restitution, is scheduled for February 20, 2014.

This brings the known total of registered sex offenders at Edgewater Isle to 2.

Master Gets a Court Judgment

15DEC 2013

Edgewater Isle Master Association sued two South homeowners in small claims court for unpaid association dues.

The Association was represented by Erin Anderson, community manager, and the defendant homeowners did not appear despite being properly served. (Served by a subpoena and with a "proof-of-service" document on file with the court by the person who served the subpoena.)

The Association was suing for $5,000, which no doubt includes junk fees (for example $250 for sending a form letter to the homeowner).

Should any homeowner find themselves in this situation, they could be better off appearing to dispute the junk fees and reducing the amount of the inevitable judgment.

The Master Association is the same association who failed to pay dues to the North Association after the Master Association foreclosed on a condo in the North.

Resident Pleads Guilty

12DEC 2013

Edgewater Isle resident Joshua Lockwood pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography, California Penal Code §311, on Friday, December 6. Sentencing is scheduled for January 7, 2014.

As previously reported here, Lockwood was prosecuted by the San Francisco District Attorney's office for possession of child pornography after he was arrested by the San Mateo police on September 18 based on a San Francisco police department warrant.

It is not yet known if Lockwood will be listed as an offender under the Megan's Law listing for sexual offenders, but if so, he will be the second registered sex offender in Building 1 (1700 block of Vista Del Sol) at Edgewater Isle.

Edgewater Isle North Wins Small Claims Case

11DEC 2013

The Edgewater Isle North Association won its small claims case against former owner Jennifer Limcaco for unpaid dues of $5,000.

The hearing was held on November 13, 2013, and defendant Jennifer Limcaco did not appear at the hearing. The Association is now free to pursue collection actions against the defendant if she does not pay or appeal within 30 days. (It is highly unlikely this decision would be overturned on appeal anyway.) Collection activities can include wage garnishment or property seizure.

Resident's Next Hearing

27NOV 2013

As previously reported here, an Edgewater Isle resident is being prosecuted by the San Francisco District Attorney's office for possession of child pornography.

Joshua Lockwood, 30, an Edgewater Isle resident, was arrested by the San Mateo police on September 18 based on a warrant issued by the San Francisco police department.

Lockwood's next hearing in the matter is scheduled for December 6 in San Francisco.

County Issues Lien Against Association

25NOV 2013

For the second time in as many years, the Edgewater Isle Master Association has a lien filed against it by San Mateo County for failure to pay taxes.

Public records show that San Mateo County filed a lien against the Edgewater Isle Master Association on November 18, 2013, for $344.71, including late fees of $35.54.

Last year the County also filed a lien against the Master Association for failure to pay property taxes.

One may wonder what the Edgewater Isle Master Association is thinking, continuing to pay late property taxes on the RV rental lot.

Common Interest Management Services, the Master Association's management company, should also be held to answer for this because this sort of inaction costs homeowners more money.

But look for this to be filed under "office supplies" or "miscellaneous" in the annual, uh, "audit." (Audits are a mandated joke -- the auditors never inquire or care about the creative accounting that goes on in homeowners associations. But that's another story.

Edgewater Isle Master Association hit with another lien by San Mateo County

Former Owner Fails to Show at Small Claims Hearing

13NOV 2013

As previously reported here, Edgewater Isle North Association sued two former residents in Small Claims Court for failure to pay dues.

The North Association (through their collection agent Angius & Terry Collections) dismissed Andrew Limcaco from the case but not Jennifer Limcaco.

At the hearing today, Kristin Harding appeared for the association and identified herself as "a representative of the homeowners association." Why she didn't identify herself as an employee of the collection agency is unknown.

Defendant Jennifer Limcaco did not appear at the hearing although she was properly served.

No doubt the Association will receive a judgment of $5,000 in about a month, the length of time the Court says it now takes to process small claims cases.

Stolen License Plates Reported

11NOV 2013

A resident in the 1900 block of Vista Del Mar reported on Friday, November 8 at 2:00 p.m. that the license plates were stolen off their vehicle at Edgewater Isle.

The San Mateo Police Department has no suspects in the theft.

Resident's Hearing Postponed

11NOV 2013

As previously reported here, Edgewater Isle resident Joshua Lockwood's pre-trial hearing on possession of child pornography was scheduled for October 30.

That hearing has been rescheduled to November 15, Friday of this week.

This case is being tried in San Francisco County Superior Court.

Edgewater Isle Master Sues Homeowners

18Oct 2013

hypocrisy meterEdgewater Isle Master Association filed another small claims case on Tuesday against homeowners (whose address is in the Edgewater Isle South) for past due assessments. The Association is claiming $5,000 in their small claims complaint for unpaid dues that run from September 2011 through February 2013.

The Master Association is suing the homeowners "For violation of governing documents." In light of how the Edgewater Isle Master Association itself did not pay the North HOA dues on the unit that the Master foreclosed upon, it's hypocritical for the Master Association to sue homeowners for the homeowners' lack of compliance with the governing documents when the Master Association itself ignored their responsibility for over a year.

The hearing is scheduled for December 13.

What Happens When HOAs Don't Disclose to Buyers?

17Oct 2013

With the recent number of on-the-market ("for sale") condos at Edgewater Isle, a question popped up that begs asking (well, begs answering actually). What happens when the Associations do not adequately disclose information to buyers?

In the 1990s, both Edgewater Isle South and North associations had construction defects ligitation against the builders. California Civil Code 1375.1 provides how the associations are to provide information to owners regarding that litigation. That statute reads:

California Civil Code Section 1375.1

(a) As soon as is reasonably practicable after the association and the builder have entered into a settlement agreement or the matter has otherwise been resolved regarding allfeged defects in the common areas, alleged defects in the separate interests that the association is obligated to maintain or repair, or alleged defects in the separate interests that arise out of, or are integrally related to, defects in the common areas or separate interests that the association is obligated to maintain or repair, where the defects giving rise to the dispute have not been corrected, the association shall, in writing, inform only the members of the association whose names appear on the records of the association that the matter has been resolved, by settlement agreement or other means, and disclose all of the following:

(1) A general description of the defects that the association reasonably believes, as of the date of the disclosure, will be corrected or replaced.

(2) A good faith estimate, as of the date of the disclosure, of when the association believes that the defects identified in paragraph (1) will be corrected or replaced. The association may state that the estimate may be modified.

(3) The status of the claims for defects in the design or construction of the common interest development that were not identified in paragraph (1) whether expressed in a preliminary list of defects sent to each member of the association or otherwise claimed and disclosed to the members of the association.

(b) Nothing in this section shall preclude an association from amending the disclosures required pursuant to subdivision (a), and any amendments shall supersede any prior conflicting information disclosed to the members of the association and shall retain any privilege attached to the original disclosures.

(c) Disclosure of the information required pursuant to subdivision (a) or authorized by subdivision (b) shall not waive any privilege attached to the information. (d) For the purposes of the disclosures required pursuant to this section, the term "defects" shall be defined to include any damage resulting from defects.

Edgewater Isle North homeowners never received such a statement. But you better believe the association will be sure to give you the disclosure saying you can't have a potted plant on the balcony. Maybe someone can tell us where it says there is a time limit on this disclosure. The form that is completed by the associations' property management company (which the seller pays a fee directly to the management company for the completion of that form) looks like this (below) and does not mention a time limit:

Why is the management company not providing a statement regarding past litigation involving the developers of these associations? It is specifically called out, and the management companies know or should know of such things.

Each of the associations listed a long list of construction defects in their lawsuits. Only some of the items stated in the lawsuits were fixed during each association's reconstruction. The remaining unfixed problems tend to be swept away as "the owner's problem" as the years go by. Except homeowners may be better off to tell the association that the present-day damage is actually a result of the undisclosed defects they alleged in their own lawsuit.

Sellers and buyers are both ill-served by this shoddy disclosure practice.

Buyers may want to search court records for information on such cases.

Disclosures About Neighbor(hood) Problems

15Oct 2013

When sellers sell real property, California law requires a whole bunch of disclosures as part of the process. Locally, real estate agents are fond of the PRDS forms, which includes the Seller's Supplemental Disclosure Checklist. Sellers complete this form and then buyers initial they've read it.

One section of this form asks the seller about neighborhood conditions:

PRDS Seller Checklist

With the exception of estate sales, does a seller disclose about their nextdoor neighbor who has harassed them? Isn't that a "complaint to police or other governmental authorities?" What about if that neighbor has been the receipient of more than one restraining order issued against them?

This has happened in the Edgewater Isle South complex: two units have sold in the South recently that have had just this problem: a resident there has been hit with more than one restraining order by their neighbors.

As part of their due dilligence, buyers may want to search the court records for their would-be neighbors to see if this issue exists. In a HOA, where neighbors often share common walls, it may make the difference between a satisfying purchase and a problem.

Resident Arrested

24Sept 2013


Joshua Lockwood, 30, a resident in the 1700 block of Vista Del Sol at Edgewater Isle, was arrested by the San Mateo Police Department on Wednesday, September 18, at 5:04 p.m. from a warrant issued by the San Francisco Police Department for possession of child pornography.

On September 20, Lockwood was arraigned and charged with two counts, both felonies, of California Penal Code 311.1(a). A pretrial hearing is scheduled for October 30.

Lockwood's address is very close to an address used by a Megan's Law registered sex offender who also reported an Edgewater Isle address: both addresses are in Building 1. News on that registered sex offender was previously reported here in February.

Lockwood was previously arrested and charged with DUI on October 31, 2011. Lockwood pleaded "nolo contendre" (guilty) On February 15, 2012, and was sentenced to two days in San Mateo County Jail, fines, and 3 years of probation after completing a three-month first offenders' program.

Lockwood lists himself as an illustrator on his LinkedIn profile.

North Association Sues Homeowners Who Appear to Have Never Paid Dues

24Sept 2013

On Wednesday, September 18, the Edgewater Isle North Association (through their collection agency Angius & Terry Collections) filed a small claims case for $5,000 for unpaid dues against two former homeowners, Andrew Limcaco and Jennifer Limcaco. The Limcacos defaulted on this property in 2007.

Since purchasing the condo in 2005, public records appear to show that the owners may have failed to ever pay HOA dues for the condo. Along history of liens and unsuccessful previous collection actions follow the Limcacos and this property beginning in February 2007, shortly before the homeowners filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in August 2007. (Both Master and North associations were listed as creditors in the bankruptcy filing, negating the liens that had been filed.)

The small claims hearing is scheduled for November 13, 2013.

2021 Vista Del Mar: foreclosures and liens

Master Small Claims Case Dismissed

24Sept 2013

The Edgewater Isle Master Association dismissed without prejudice (i.e., they could file the same case again) their pending small claims case for unpaid dues yesterday. The case which had been scheduled for a hearing on August 20, and then moved to October 11, because the Master Association had not served the defendant.

Master and North Associations Have a Meeting

28August 2013

The North and Master Associations held a two-hour meeting on Thursday, August 22, to discuss how the two associations can "improve board-to-board communication." Which itself is very interesting considering a few years ago that the Master Association sued the North Association.

The North had been holding "executive session" meetings to discuss "legal issues." Perhaps those meetings were to discuss the Master Association's failure to pay dues on the condo the Master Association foreclosed on.

Either way, it is best for all involved that the Associations hash it out instead of making money for their lawyers. More such meetings are to follow.

Master Small Claims Case "Off Calendar"

20August 2013

A small claims case filed by the Master Association on July 1 was scheduled to be heard today. The case was postponed, or is "off-calendar," because the Edgewater Isle Master Association has not served the defendant they are suing for unpaid dues. A new date for a hearing has not yet been scheduled.

UPDATE: The hearing has been rescheduled for October 11.

scratched car -- stock photoVandalism to an Auto Reported

13August 2013

On the morning of Friday, August 9, a resident in the 1600 block of Vista Del Mar reported vandalism to her vehicle to the San Mateo Police Department. The reporting party said that her car had been scratched on the sides and on the hood.

The San Mateo Police Department said no other incidents of vandalism were reported on that day or near that location. (stock photo)


Master Association: Didn't Pay Dues

20July 2013

Two years ago, the Master Association foreclosed on a condo in the North. Since that time, the Master Association sat on the unit (i.e., left it vacant) while failing to pay dues to the North Association. Now, the Association has rented the unit, all while being the type of unpaying owner that the Master Association itself files small claims cases about.

Public records show that the Master Association foreclosed on a condo, 2021 Vista Del Mar, in April 2011 and took title to it in August 2011, while the Association was a suspended corporation. The Master Association failed to do anything with this condo for the last two years, perhaps because they were waiting for the condo's mortgage holder to foreclose on the condo as well.

Master Association Won't Pay Late Fees or Interest on Late Dues

The Master Association only recently (in the Spring of this year) paid the last two years of dues, but for some reason, the Master Association determined that it won't pay the late fees and interest of those unpaid dues. At the same time the Master Association sues other owners for the exact same thing.

Representatives from the North and Master Associations did not respond to an email requesting comment.

Master Association Sues Homeowner

2July 2013

The Edgewater Isle Master Association, through their collection agent A.S.A.P, filed a small claims case against a homeowner on Monday for unpaid dues and fees of $3,531.26. According to San Mateo County records, the Master Association also filed a lien against this same homeowner (a South owner) in January of this year. The small claims case hearing is scheduled for August 20 at 1:30 p.m.

Association Adds Junk Fees and Sues For Dues Not Yet Late

The Association and/or its collection agent has DOUBLED the amount of the past-due dues by adding their "fees" that more than double the amount of the debt. The amount of dues from September 1, 2012 - July 31, 2013 is, by our calculation, $1,637.31. But the Association and its greedy collection agent have added their fees, which total $1,893.95, which is a total of "fees" that are approximately 115.67% of the original debt.

But here's what's interesting: the Master Association has SUED IN ADVANCE of unpaid dues. The Master Association assumes that this homeowner will not pay in July, which may be a fair assumption, but one must ask how the Association can sue and assess a late fee for dues that are not yet late.

Another Smashed Window

On the morning of May 4, a resident of the 1600 block of Vista Del Sol reported to the San Mateo Police that yet another window smash had occurred to a vehicle, a yellow Honda F2000, and the hardtop of the convertible was stolen.

The victim reported the theft occurred between 2:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. (But we can probably safely assume that it happened between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. because after that, it gets light and busy.)

The SMPD always reminds people to remove all valuables from vehicles.

Judge Orders Moxi Posner to Pay Attorney Fees

Lois Posner, also known as Moxi Posner, filed a restraining order against a writer for this website and lost. The writer filed a motion for attorney's fees, which were granted after a hearing on March 11, 2013. The court ordered Posner to pay $1,500 plus costs.

Posner claimed that writings on this website are harassment. But of course, they are not because Posner specifically sought the great information on this website as opposed to it being sent to her. (There is a difference between seeking information and being the recepient of unwanted correspondence: read the law.) The judge in the case applied 1st Amendment principles to the claims made by Posner. Specifically, here is what the judge said about it:

"...the court is mindful of the strong public policy in California that discourages unfounded lawsuits which pose a substantial risk of chilling the reasonable exercise of th Freedom of Speech."

What A Mess

The Master Association board of directors does not charge the utililty companies for the use of and the storage of their heavy equipment during this construction project. Homeowners are left with footing the bill for the use of and wear-and-tear to the road. Perhaps there is an easement for the utility companies to do this sort of thing (someone can look it up in the C C & Rs), but homeowners will be screwed while this project goes on and when they have to pay for any damage. Nice.

Construction along Vista Del Sol in San Mateo at Edgewater Isle

10 Years On.....

Over 10 years ago, Edgewater Isle Homeowners Association (North) went through construction defect litigation and the resulting reconstruction after that. Let's take a look at the biggest part of that mess and how that's fared before we begin delving into the newest.

Megan's Law at Edgewater Isle

For anyone who has young children that live or visit at Edgewater Isle, please visit California's Megan's Law website to find information on convicted sex offenders who live in the area.

California's Megan's Law website lists an individual who lives at Edgewater Isle who has been convicted, possibly twice, of possessing child pornography .

California's Megan's Law website can be found here.

More Broken Car Windows

San Mateo Police have reported 3 more car burglaries in the 2000 Winward Way block.

Stolen Car Found at Edgewater Isle

On Monday, January 7, a tan-colored Ford Windstar was towed from the 1500 block of Vista Del Sol. The San Mateo Police said that this car was reported as stolen out of Hayward on New Year's Day.

A resident of the 1500 block of Vista Del Sol reported the unwanted car to the private tower for Edgewater Isle (i.e., the security company) who reported the whereabouts of the car to the San Mateo Police Department.

Broken Windows, Stolen TVs

The San Mateo Police Department has reported several broken car windows at the Residence Inn over the last week. Additionally, the Residence Inn has also reported a TV was stolen from a room.

The San Mateo Police Department always reminds everyone to lock their doors and remove all valuables from their cars. See previous story below.

Master Association Didn't Pay Taxes: County Files Lien

Why does this keep happening? First, the Edgewater Isle Master Association was suspended for some screwup with its 2007 taxes. The Master Association was suspended for 3 months in 2011 because of it.

Now, the San Mateo County Tax Collector has filed a lien on the Association for unpaid property taxes for the RV boat lot from which the Association collects dues from residents who choose to rent a spot.

The failure of the Master Association to pay its taxes has resulted in late fees being assessed to the Association. And they just passed a dues increase. Hummm..... maybe it's to cover incompetence.

Someone Doesn't Know How to Drive

So someone doesn't know how to drive at Edgewater Isle.

Over the weekend, a driver took out half of the front lawn. Despite what should be seen as a tight turn, someone chose to run over the front lawn and damaged both sides of the lawn at the south entrance to the complex.

Suspicions immediately point to a moving van as that has happened a few times before.

Or it could be some idiot texting while driving.

Or it could be a resident: residents have had accidents within the complex, so this would not be a first.

Let's just hope that there isn't sprinkler damage on top of the whole mess.

Large Number of Car Window Smashings

car with smashed windowThe Foster City Police Department reported a significant number of car burglaries within the past week. The FCPD has received numerous reports in apartment complexes and in a homeowners association complex where driver and passenger windows have been smashed and items removed from the vehicles. The FCPD received 8 calls of car burglaries via smashed windows on Monday morning alone. All calls came from Shell Boulevard and Emerald Bay (which is immediately adjacent to Edgewater Isle).

With the holiday season approaching, thieves become more active. Car owners are advised to remove everything from their cars when parked outdoors, even in their own residential complex. Placing items under the seat is not enough: take your valuable items with you whenever you leave your car.

Read the Foster City Police Dept's complete article on preventing auto burglary.


DENIEDLois Posner, a.k.a "Moxi" Posner, has gone to great lengths attempting to remove stories about her on this very website: employing all manners (threat of litigation, nasty attorney letters, etc.) except for the manner (most of) our mothers taught us long ago: you get more with sugar than with vinegar.

First, in July, Posner had attorney Alexander Lubarsky send a letter characterizing the stories of her car accidents "libelous" while failing to ever identify what exactly what was libelous. Her attorney merely said "everything" was libelous (which was never exactly persuasive).

When that didn't work, four months later Posner filed a Civil Harassment Restraining Order on November 19, 2012. But her request for a temporary restraining order was denied, which was the first sign that things weren't going her way.

Then today, Posner was defeated at the court hearing when the judge said that Posner (via Alexander Lubarsky) had failed to meet her burden of presenting clear and convincing evidence of harassment.

Perhaps if Alexander Lubarsky and Lois Posner don't want so many posts to be written about Ms. Posner, they stop requesting changes to published stories and then complaining that those changes generate yet another story on Ms. Posner.

Writing stuff on a website is not assault and battery, it is not stalking, it is not threatening, and it not harassing. It is a First Amendment issue, and the judge clearly saw that.


Why It's Important to Know What's Going On

Yesterday's San Mateo Daily Journal featured a cover story on Island J (more commonly known as "The Islands"), a neighboring HOA in Foster City. Island J has been through numerous assessments and currently suffers from very high monthly dues of over $800 per month. Island J's board of directors, lead by omnipresent HOA attorneys Berding & Weil, wanted to impose a $40,000+ assessment PER UNIT. The owners fought back and got the assessment reduced to $20,000 per unit, on top of the hefty dues.

In light of the budgets now being distributed, this article highlights why it is important to know what's going on in your homeonwers association and demand answers instead of the fluff that the lawyers and property managers often try to use as a substantive answer.

Rest in Peace

Today we are mourning the passing of a homeowner and contributor. We will miss his fearless ways and wish him eternal life.

Property Manager Follows Through

Kim Flicker from Common Interest Management Services, the management company for the Master Association, followed up with us on the dead bird problem reported by a homeowner. Ms. Flicker reported to us that she had followed up with San Mateo County Vector Control who advised that if the birds were gone overnight, it was most likely not them who disposed of the dead animals.

Homeowners are advised that if they find a dead bird or squirrel to contact the hotline at 877-968-2473 or visit the website and report it. Their request will be routed to the vector control division and who will come to the site, retrieve, and bag the bird and take it for testing.

If the reporting party wishes, they can get an id# which will enable them to follow up and get the results from the tests on the particular animal. The Vector Control website also has a report on the total of West Nile virus-positive animals in San Mateo County.

Ms. Flickner also reported that she has added this topic to the agenda of Monday's meeting.

David Rooney from Community Management Services failed to respond, much less follow up, to the original email.

Homeowner Reports Unsettling News

A homeowner wrote in about seeing 3 dead birds in the complex recently when walking in the early morning hours (after midnight). The owner has lived here for a handful of years and has never seen this problem and is concerned about West Nile virus.

The concern has been forwarded to both David Rooney of Community Management Services and Kim Flickner of Common Interest. Ms. Flickner promptly replied that she will put this item on the Master Association agenda for review.


Relax Everybody, It's OK

Moxi Posner and her attorney Alexander Lubarsky finally did respond to their cease-and-desist letter's reply, and would like everybody to know that an insurance company who investigated this accident could not determine fault with the accident on Vista Del Mar where 2 cars bumped into each other while backing up.

The previous posting on this incident is updated as shown below.

How Cute: Our First "Cease-and-Desist" Letter

So Moxi Posner went and got a(n) (immigration?) lawyer who wants to call the postings on this website that discuss Moxi Posner's accidents "libelous."

Hummm.... this lawyer is not denying any of our statements.... And he has failed to identify WHAT exactly is libelous.

Well, we're not removing it and we're not apologizing. Everything written is true.

A response was sent to Mr Lubarsky, who has not replied 4 weeks later.

Alexander Lubarsky sends a "cease and desist" letter on behalf of Moxi Posner

Car Window Smashed

A car belonging to an owner on Vista Cay had its right rear window smashed and items taken sometime between June 20 at 10:00 p.m. and June 21 at 7:30 a.m. The car, likely parked on Vista Del Mar, had several items stolen from it and, sources say, it is believed the thief was looking for items involving the owner's identity. None was found.

The San Mateo Police always advise motorists to keep items out of plain view inside a locked vehicle. Ideally, motorists should always remove all valuables from their vehicle and always lock their doors.

North Association Collects Judgment

The Edgewater Isle North Association has collected on its small claims court judgment for unpaid dues from a former homeowner.

In an April hearing, the North Association was represented by its collection agency. The homeowner had thought that since the condo was forfeited in bankruptcy, the dues were no longer due. Oops. But kudos to the North for pursuing a admittedly questionable case and recouping its dues.

Edgewater Isle North Association collects a small claims judgment for unpaid dues

Why can't the Master Association get its act together enough to even find the right courtroom after they file their small claims cases for unpaid dues?


A Property Management Company Contacts Us

A property management company in the East Bay has contacted us to let us know that they would be happy to work with homeowners and the boards at Edgewater Isle.

Caroline McCormick at Association Communications in Moraga told us that her company, ACI, works for the association, including homeowners and the board. Ms. McCormick stated she was sorry to see that one of her competitors has let down the owners at Edgewater Isle, and she would be happy to prepare a quote upon written request from a member of the board of directors.

Master Audit Fails to Mention Suspension

At the end of each fiscal year in a homeowners association, the association's books are required to be audited. (California Civil Code ┬ž1365(c)). The Master Association completed the required distribution of an audit, but the audit fails to mention that the association was suspended by the California Secretary of State for 3 months in 2011.

The Secretary of State suspended the association between August and November, 2011. This is supposed to mean that the association cannot hold meetings, etc. But we know the association did hold meetings because they regularly posted agendas in the common area during that time.

Who on earth is every going to believe an "audit" of their HOA's accounting procedures when a 3-month suspension is omitted from the audit?

What? Again?

Moxi Posner has had was involved a second accident on Vista Del Mar, within the Edgewater Isle complex, this time hitting bumping into a BMW SUV, referred to as "a 1 percenter," while both were in reverse, sources say.

This time, unlike the last time, there are witnesses witness(es) to this accident and the owner of the damaged car is pursuing the damages. An insurance company charged with investigating this accident could not determine fault, according to Posner's attorney Alexander Lubarsky. And boy, those BMW bumpers are expensive to replace. Let's hope there is no further damage underneath.

This Part is Just for Moxi

How are those "police investigations" going? Any word back from Senators Barbara Boxer or Dianne Feinstein? Representatives Nancy Pelosi or Jackie Speier? Or how about Judge Freeman? Anything? The nationwide mass media? 60 Minutes? Jerry Brown? The View? CNN? Who else was there? There were 40 letters, weren't there?

Oh yeah. The Master Association Meeting Minutes from November 8, 2010 reads:

Homeowner from 2247 Vista Del Mar advised the Board that she has sent a packet to mass media about the South's Board abuse of financial spending. She is requesting an ombudsman for homeowners. Forty letters have been mailed.

Where is all this "mass media?" Why hasn't the 60 Minutes truck pulled up to Edgewater Isle yet? Where is Morley Safer or Lesley Stahl? It's been nearly 2 years. Why hasn't Barbara Walters personally flown in to investigate this whole debacle? Where is that interview of you that was supposed to run in June or July?

Has the DA called you back? Has the San Mateo police chief called you back? Has the attorney called you back? Why haven't "Kimberly" and "John" been investigated and arrested for their "perjury?" Why hasn't Speaker Pelosi investigated their "perjury?"

You've written 40 letters already, right? Letters to the governor of this state, the presiding judge in the county, US representatives from this county and one over, the two senators from this state, and a bunch of TV shows. How's it going? What did it get you?

Resident Loses Small Claims Case

A resident in the North Association sued the Master Association and the "Parking Ticket Issuer and Tower of Cars" at Edgewater Isle. The hearing was held on May 25, 2012. The resident argued that he was unfairly targeted to be towed from the association, and after having received 4 previous citations and being towed anywhere from once to four times previously (depending on who was testifying), he thought he was being unfairly targeted. He was asking for $442 which included the towing and lost wages.

The resident tried a sneaky maneuver, but it ultimately didn't work. He brought the parking rules into court as an exhibit and said that he did not park in any visitor space more than 3 days in one month. But that's not really what the rules say:

And the judge asked him why he thought the second sentence should apply to him but not the first. Good question.

And to top if off, the resident further attempted to bolster his claim that he was being unfairly "discriminated" against because he had just bought a new car and he had left it parked in a visitor space for 5 days now and he hadn't received a ticket. Yes, that's what he said. (And this is why lawyers tell their clients to shut up.) It didn't go unnoticed by the judge who pointed out that he just admitted he broke the rules for the previous 5 days.

And in the end, it didn't work. The judgment was not for the resident but for the Master Association and the "Parking Ticket Issuer and Tower of Cars." Who couldn't see that one coming?

Judgment for North Association

The San Mateo County Superior Court small claims court judge issued the decision in the collections case (described below). Not surprisingly, the judge issued the judgment for the association. However, the judge did not award the association costs on the amount due.

North Association Sues for Delinquent Dues

A representative from the North Association's collection agency appeared in court today to represent the Association in its small claims court action against a former homeowner who had delinquent dues.

Danielle Waller, representing the Association's collection agency, had her hands full today prosecuting two delinquent homeowners in two different associations (both managed by Community Management Services, CMS). The Edgewater Isle case was the second of the two to be heard, and Ms Waller explained that the Association was forfeiting several thousand dollars in dues to fit the dollar amount under the $5,000 small claims court limit (the small claims limit for corporations). The defendant, now a former owner, believed that since the condo was surrendered as part of a bankruptcy action no further dues were owed after it (the condo) had been surrendered in bankruptcy court. However, since the title was not taken out of the owner's name until almost a year later, the court commissioner asked the former owner if their name was on the title during that year, and it was.

So it certainly appears that the Association will win its case, but one must wonder how much good will come from pursuing a now-bankrupt former owner. And one must ask, does the collection agency still make the same amount of money on the case in spite of the Association's forfeiting monies due? Or was the Association negligent in bringing the action so late? Time will tell.

Master Association Gets Sued

A resident at Edgewater Isle has filed a small claims case against the Master Association yesterday for $442 for because their "vehicle was unjustly towed from a parking lot" on November 21, 2011. The case is scheduled to be heard on May 25, 2012.

Without knowing more about the circumstances here, it may be a tough case for the resident to win. Everyone knows about the parking zealots at Edgewater Isle, and there are signs that do say that "unauthorized vehicles" will be towed. We'll just have to know more before commenting further.

Regardless of that, $442 does seem awfully high for towing a car. Unless the car was stored for more than a day, this does seem like a high cost for the Edgewater Isle Master Association to inflict on its visitors who may have not parked in the right spot. Is anyone receiving paybacks off the books?

North Files Small Claims Case Over Unpaid Dues

delinquentIn what is beginning to emerge as a pattern, Edgewater Isle North today, through their illustrious collection agent Allied Trustee Services, filed a small claims case against a homeowner for unpaid dues amounting to $5,000.

We all know that owners have to pay their dues, but it appears that the collection agency/HOA has waited far too long to file this case. This homeowner has already been foreclosed upon by the lender, and the condo is currently on the market (for sale) by the bank. The bank completed its foreclosure on August 1, 2011, which is about 1 year after both the bank and the North Association recorded delinquency notices with the County. But since this collection agency is in Roseville (outside Sacramento) one can't help but wonder if the collection agency did any due diligence to learn these facts.

Regardless, does this sound like an owner with any money? It doesn't appear so. Chasing this owner may well prove to be a waste of time and effort. Does the Association even know this, or did the collection agency just do this on their behalf anyway? This homeowner moved out long ago, so serving the court papers may prove to be quite an effort.

The hearing is scheduled for Monday, April 30 at 1:30 p.m.

WOW! Look What One HOA Attorney Said

A local attorney who specializes in HOA law, Beth Grimm, has written a mind-blowing statement in her latest newsletter. Grimm, who is part of CAI and other HOA-industry groups nevertheless points out what some attorneys do with their banks clients. Read this:

And before spending "good" money chasing "bad situations", get good advice first from a knowledgeable attorney who is not also a "scammer" who feeds into the board's emotions or lack of knowledge about or acceptance of reality.

Wow! An attorney who gets it! Do you think she reads

While her entire article discusses associations pursuing unpaid dues, this last sentence (above) was an amazing insight — from a lawyer no less — who understands that many attorneys who work with association boards of directors are doing nothing more than padding their billable hours by antagonizing homeowners and continuing to give life to disputes that would otherwise be resolved in an amicable manner. See earlier story below for a great example.

Here is Beth Grimm's web site and here is the complete newsletter from the above quote.

Master Board Is Unnerved

Why does it always come to this? Why is the Edgewater Isle Master board of directors simply incapable or unwilling to work with a homeowner?

On December 30, a homeowner who has tried to work with the Edgewater Isle Master Association board of directors for over 1 year on a speeding problem within the complex received this letter from HOA-industry law firm Berding and Weil. Berding and Weil does its usual job of "documenting the issue" of the "troublesome homeowner" with its predictable pattern of portraying a near-crisis from problems initiated by the homeowner.

Please read their letter and take note of Berding and Weil's characterization of a homeowner, one they'd probably like to sue, and this sort of letter is the first salvo in such an action.

Where do we begin?

First, the characterization of "unnerving" is hyperbole and is used for dramatic affect. Lawyers love this stuff. Anyone who has seen this enough times knows that it is typical attorney bullshit.

Second, you may be asking yourself if a HOA-industry law firm is allowed to issue restraining orders on homeowners now? The answer is NO. But that doesn't stop them. They're quite familiar with these sorts of tactics. It is meant to intimidate the recipient.

And finally, the funny part:

"The association recognizes that its efforts to calm traffic might not be noticeable to you."

What a joke. The Association HAS DONE NOTHING which is why nothing is noticeable. Talking with someone over the phone, someone who comes out and looks at stuff without preparing a report IS THE DEFINITION OF DOING NOTHING. Forming committees to talk about stuff is all well and good, but when videos are put up on YouTube showing speeders and an article in the LA Times is written about you, most people would get going. Meetings come and go, your board directors unnervingly yell at homeowners, all while you defend bad decisions and sick your attorneys on the homeowner to deflect your neglect.

And of course, the Edgewater Isle Master Association does not have the courage to name who is complaining, do they? No. Are these "complainers" actually the board themselves......hum. Probably.

And you do this, all the while having meetings while you were a suspended California corporation, filing lawsuits while suspended and failing — TWICE — to show up in court on your own cases and holding meetings, and taking title to a unit. You are hardly in a pious place to be pointing fingers at anyone else. Get your own house in order. It's quite messy .

Moxi Posner Yells at People in Public

Moxi Posner put herself on display at Gray's Paints in San Mateo. ♫ ♫ ♫ Oh what a circus, oh what a show .♫ ♫ ♫ Moxi ran and hid while spewing insults because she didn't want a picture to be taken of her.

No, Moxi, it is a video of you. Complete with audio. You didn't count on that, did you. Did you need a little paint to fix something you ran into?

Answer: The Master Association Is Very Stupid

Board Wastes $800

The agenda for today's Master Association board meeting included a presentation from a traffic engineer who was supposed to "report and make recommendations regarding the speeding and traffic issues within the community."

Well, what a waste of $800 that was! The "engineer" showed up without any report and said she had only been out to Edgewater Isle once, TODAY!. The engineer told the board that she never had any instruction to write a report.

Then, the ever-stupid board of directors told homeowners that they, the homeowners, couldn't tell speeders to slow down. WHOA! Does the Master Association think they are a San Mateo Superior Court judge now? One who has the authority to issue restraining orders? Well, no, they don't have the authority to do so, but that doesn't stop them.

As if that's not bad enough, look at this recent article in the LA Times about a board of directors who didn't listen to a renter who complained about speeders in their complex:

Homeowners association should consider renter's safety issue

Although the condo board is not obligated to act on requests by renters, serious safety issues should be addressed regardless of the source.

November 27, 2011 | By Stephen Glassman and Donie Vanitzian

Question: We have been renting a condo and are in the process of buying it from the owner. My husband went to a board meeting to complain about the speeders on the association's road in front of our condo. We made the board aware that vehicles speed down the street in early-morning hours going two or three times the posted 15-mph speed limit.b

We asked the directors if they could install speed bumps where this is occurring. The board said no. The meeting minutes reported: Renter "expressed his concern about cars speeding in the streets by his home. He has requested that a speed bump be installed. Board told hi m that until he becomes a homeowner, the board will not act on his request."

This is a safety issue, not an owner issue. How can we get the board to take action?

Answer: Although the board is not obligated to act on requests by renters, serious safety issues should be addressed regardless of the source. The board's published reaction in the minutes makes it clear that the association is on notice of the potential for harm caused by speeders in your complex. The minutes also say the board will act on your request when you become an owner. But that will not prevent liability should something happen before that time.

A board's duty to investigate safety issues relating to the association common property arises when the board receives notice that such issues exist. Speeders affect renters and owners alike, and injuries caused could result in association liability for failure to address speeding on association property. No matter whether the board chooses speed bumps or some other method of slowing the speeders down and enforcing the speed limits, it must take steps toward addressing the problem. A thorough investigation of available solutions should be undertaken, and if speed bumps turn out to be the best solution, the board should act to install them.

Any liability for injuries to you or your guests from speeders in the common streets or driveways would attach to those causing the injury. Even without injury, the association might also be liable if it knew of the potential danger but took no steps to correct it.

Send questions to P.O. Box 10490, Marina del Rey, CA 90295 or e-mail noexit @ mindspring. com.

"Knew of the potential danger but took no steps to correct it." Emphasis added. It's been a year? What the hell are you waiting for?

How Stupid is the Master Association?

How can the same association file 2 small claims cases against the same defendant and FAIL TO SHOW UP both times?

On August 4, 2011 and October 21, 2011, Edgewater Isle Master Association filed small claims cases for collection of delinquent dues. Edgewater Isle Master failed to appear at both hearings. Both small claims cases were filed while the Association was SUSPENDED by the CALIFORNIA SECRETARY OF STATE. But wait, you can't do that, can you? NO! You can't. At least you're not supposed to.

In addition to not only failing to show up to their own hearings, the principle at A.S.A.P Collections in San Jose, who filed the paperwork on behalf of the Association, told us that a board member went to THE WRONG COURTHOUSE. BOTH TIMES! This "gentleman" member of the board (and there is only one man on the board) has gone to the wrong courthouse twice? And he's in charge of the financial well-being of the association?

How could anyone have been confused where this courthouse is? It's printed front-and-center on the paperwork:


So this case, as was the previously non-attended case, was dismissed by the court.

Hey Everybody: Moxi Posner Did This

For anyone who cares and for whatever it's worth, Lois F. "Moxi" Posner crashed her car into the South Association building on May 25, 2010. "Moxi" did not report this to her insurance company nor to the association's insurance company, but hid the car in her garage until it could be repaired.


On June 1, 2010, Moxi left a message saying the part (a headlight) to repair her 23-year old car was on backorder, and if the repair shop couldn't get it on back order, they would "hit the junk yards" to find the headlight.

"My Car Is Put Together"

On June 3, 2010, Moxi left another message saying her car "is put together."

Posner's car had been long-repaired by the time the Association fixed the building weeks later.

Not-So-Private Note to Lois F. Posner

No doubt you'll deny this.

If these statements here were false, it would be called "libel." But since these are true statements, it isn't "libel." It's true and you know it. You told your son about it as well. He told you to let your insurance company handle it. And to point your finger at others as you do while pretending to be holier-than-thou has to be exposed for what it is.

They're Dropping Like Flies

Property managers at Edgewater Isle are heading for the hills. A week after the property manager for the Master association left, now comes word that the manager for the South has left as well. Tis the season.

Property Manager OUT, Tax Issue from 2007

At tonight's Master Association meeting, homeowners learned that Conmmon Interest Management Services is again replacing its Edgewater Isle Master property manager. The previous manager is now gone and replaced with a new manager. Amber is out. Kim is in. We can't help but wonder if the whole suspension thing had anything to do with this.

And regarding the suspension of the Association, apparently it goes back to a 2007 tax filing. Why does it take 4 years for a tax issue to be straightened out? And why hasn't the auditor (what a joke) disclosed this problem?

Speeders Caught on Video


A homeowner who has been trying get the (suspended) Edgewater Isle Master Association to pay attention to a speeding problem at Edgewater Isle has finally taken his message to the homeowners. A year after first addressing his concerns to the board of directors, today the homeowner distributed a flyer throughout the complex urging homeowners to come to the next board meeting and complain of the speeding problem that the board of directors has chosen to ignore. And not only ignore, but willfully ignore. (See meeting minutes below.)

Recology Truck Speeding

Here is a video shot of a Recology (trash collection) truck speeding down Vista Del Mar on a rainy Friday, November 4. The large truck is obviously speeding on this video, so much so that the driver slowed down when he saw the camera capturing his speeding. How hard does a homeowner have to work for a board of directors to do something about this obvious problem?

Meeting Minutes from 1 Year Ago

One year ago this homeowner approached the board of directors about this problem, and the board of directors in their infinitely questionable judgment said that they would not take action until he was a homeowner. (The homeowner was renting until escrow closed.) But really, what difference does that make? In the real world, it of course makes no difference. A problem is a problem whether it's brought to the board's attention by a renter, a visitor, a vendor, the police, a web site, or a homeowner. Can anyone imagine a board saying to a visitor, "Sorry, but we're not going to do anything about the lifted sidewalk because you're a visitor. Enjoy your broken toe and rearranged nose."

Edgewater Isle Master Association HOA refuses to address speeding problems

Logic That Will Make Your Head Spin

Fast forward a year: the board of directors has sat on its hands and done nothing about the problem while throwing busy work at the homeowner over "forming a committee", but bored board member James Newell said:

"(The homeowner's) input should be considered only as an initial input to get an approval by the Board for a Committee recommendation." BUT..."Based on his input it's not clear that I can recommend a committee be formed."
- Email from "James Newell," Wednesday, September 07,2011 11:53 AM

Uh, let's review. The homeowner's input should be considered:


So, Newell wants a Committee to review this and make a recommendation to the Board, while not "recommending" that a Committee be formed in the first place? What kind of bullsh!t circuitous logic is that? (Answer: very.)

Read more and see other speeders at Edgewater Isle.

Master Association Suspended for 3 Months: Did Association Not Pay Taxes?

Where Is the Money?

The association failed to meet Franchise Tax Board requirements, specifically, "e.g., failure to file a return, pay taxes, etc." as defined by the Secretary of State, and as a result, the Secretary of State suspended the Master association on August 1, 2011.

Association Held Meetings While Suspended and Condos Closed Escrow

While suspended, the association held August, September, and October board meetings, took title to a foreclosure, and 2 condos closed escrow. Wow.

Edgewater Isle Master failed to meet Franchise Tax Board requirements

Why did the Edgewater Isle Master Association fail to pay taxes or file a return? Is money missing from the association's accounts? Why has the association failed to disclose the suspension to the homeowners? Something smells. Every homeowner should demand to review the books and accounts of the association to satisfy themselves that there has not been any suspicious activity with the homeowners' money. What is going on?

Master Association Is Now Suspended

The Edgewater Isle Master Association is now a suspended California corporation, joining the North and South associations which were previously suspended as well. (Apparently this "retaining the corporate status" thing is tricky business.) Edgewater Isle Master Association has failed to return its bi-annual paperwork to the Secretary of State in time to be processed and to have its corporate status remain active.

What Does This Mean?

It means that the association is not legally authorized to conduct business as a corporation. But does that mean that the association has ceased operations? No, it does not. The Edgewater Isle Master Association has continued to operate, publishing meeting agendas while they were a suspended corporation.

In the eyes of the State of California, all actions taken since the Association was suspended are not legally binding. All contracts, decisions, FORECLOSURES, SMALL CLAIMS CASES, collection activities, etc., are not legally binding.

Despite retaining so-called professional management companies, every single association at Edgewater Isle has been suspended at some point. The North has, the South has, and now the Master is.

Selling During Suspension?

Records show that 3 condos have recently sold, and may have done so with the Master Association being a suspended corporation.

1580 Vista Del Sol, 1461 Via Vista, and 2359 Vista Del Mar have all closed with in the last 2.5 months, and some or all of these condos may have had demands made upon them in escrow from the Edgewater Isle Master Association during its suspension. Since the association does not have legal authority to pursue collection activities during suspension, is it also then prohibited from making a demand in escrow?

Foreclosure Postponed

The North Association's foreclosure of 1605 Via Laguna has been postponed by 1 week, to October 19, because of "trustee's discretion." How nice. But what about the association's discretion? Or does the Association even know that their collection agency is taking this action?

Now, North Association Moves to Foreclose

On the heels of the Master Association foreclosing on a North condo, the North Association is now moving to foreclose on a condo as well.

Public postings show that Edgewater Isle North, through their foreclosure agent, is moving to foreclose on 1605 Via Laguna on October 12.

Master Association Doesn't Show Up to Its Own Small Claims Case

The Master Association has sued a homeowner in small claims court for unpaid dues, and then failed to show up at their own hearing.

Yesterday was to have been a small claims hearing for delinquent dues that the Master Association filed in August. The homeowner appeared at the hearing, but a representative for the homeowners association did not. The case was dismissed.

Read the whole story.