Why Do These Associations Always Want Control?

Edgewater Isle Master and Edgewater Isle North homeowners associations act outside the bylaws and prevent homeowners from receiving a membership roster upon request. Nevermind that when you bought your place at Edgewater Isle that you had to read two reams of disclosure documents, including the associations' bylaws. Sorry if that lead you to believe that you had rights and remedies to your grievances. You don't really, because the boards of directors create ways of acting outside those documents.

Let's say you want a homeowner roster because you want to run for the board of directors, or you want to communicate with others about proposed changes to the C C & Rs, or that you have another issue you want publicize. Don't think that you'll actually get that roster you thought you could request: Edgewater Isle HOA isn't going to give it to you.

This denying of the roster is a relatively new trick, one that's falsely perpetuated with the whole "privacy" argument. Do you really think a HOA cares one whit about your privacy? No. It's a scam to get them to dump your communication in the trash box "mail out" your communication.

1992 Master Bylaws


1992 North Bylaws


Both associations' documents clearly state that a homeowner is entitled to inspect and copy the roster. But the associations, in fact, fail to provide it. The associations' well-documented control-freak attitude dictates their routine denial of such request. All requests to the association are now met with the newly-found interest in protecting the homeowners' "privacy." But they're not concerned with your privacy. They're only concerned with any dissenting opinion thwarting them.

The bylaws of North and Master associations have been updated since 1992, and the later versions also include the right to obtain a homeowner roster. But that doesn't mean you'll get one. Is past performance any indicator of future performance? Probably.

Here are several examples of why and how Edgewater Isle will never provide you a roster:


Edgewater Isle Master Association denies a homeowner access to the homeowner roster, and

demands that a homeowner provide a reason for wanting to inspect the financial records


And what's with the lawyer's final statement (on page 2) that the association will not mail any materials that are "libelous or otherwise inappropriate?" Who gets to decide what's "inappropriate?" Anything a board member doesn't agree with? Yes: a homeowner's dissenting opinion will always be determined to be "inappropriate."

But Years Earlier....

The roster was provided under a different Corporations Code section that Edgewater Isle homeowners associations now conveniently skip.


Or Let A Homeowner Provide a "Letter to the Editor" In the Newsletters

Because the HOA newsletters ALWAYS contain brand new information every month, NOTHING is ever repeated for years on end, there is no room for a homeowner's opinion or "letter to the editor" in their retread newsletter, as clearly documented by well-paid flack attorney Steven Weil:

Okay, So Let's Review

In recent years, Edgewater Isle homeowners associations clearly do not live up to their end of the bargain by providing the roster to a homeowner upon request or provide any way of a homeowner to communicate ANY opinion at all.

So, dear homeowner, instead of playing their game get smart and get a web site where you can publish your dissenting opinion for all to see. For the same cost as paying for postage to 324 homeowners, one can get a domain name and hosting for a year.

And when the HOA begins talk of trying to "shut down the web site," sleep tight knowing they haven't learned a thing.