"Call the Police"

Let's See Who Has Egg On Their Face

Intimidation is a tactic used frequently at Edgewater Isle by the board of directors and its representatives, including management companies and lawyers. (Would you be surprised that lawyers lie? In writing? They do, and we have it here.)

A favorite intimidation tactic: "calling the police."

Association Attorney Blows Hot Air, Gets Egg on Face

It first began in 1996 when an election went awry because of the board of directors wanting to keep on their friends and prevent a newcomer from joining. After a dispute conducted over the fax machine (this was before large-scale e-mail adoption), the North Association's attorney wrote what could be an intimidating letter, if you didn't already know the truth.

Tom Fier wrote that

"a police officer will be present at the next board meeting "to ensure tranquility."

Well, HA! Not so fast — that police officer was there to present Community Police Program, like Neighborhood Watch. And it's documented in the meeting minutes. Tom Fier sure has egg on his face with this one.

Vendor Blows Hot Air, Threatens Police Action

G B Group President Jon Wainwright Invokes Police Involvement

Jon WainwrightJon Wainwright was the then-president of GB Group, who received the North Association's contract for reconstruction. While this project went on for about 2 years, dates were frequently missed and projects were rescheduled. After a homeowner complained of a delay, Jon Wainwright responded with the threat of....filing a police report.

Subject: Re: Roofers Not Giving Proper Notification
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2000 12:34:38 -0700
From: Jon Wainwright<jon@gbgroup.com>

I wanted to make you aware that non-residents of Edgewater Isle North appear to have cleared out a storage unit and dumped all the debris in a G. B. Group dumpster. As discussed previously this is "theft of services" and is treated as "trespassing on a construction site" We have found debris containing the names: Mary and Stephen XXXXXXXXXXXXX ** 2808 REDACTED Street San Mateo, Cal have directed our project Superintendent to file a police report.

** name similar to a homeowner's name

Jon Wainwright was then requested by a board member to provide a list of all people whose debris the GB Group found in the dumpsters and whom GB would be making police complaints about.

Of course, Mr Wainwright never did supply the Association with such information and nothing more ever came of this, but Very Important Big Important Man Jon Wainwright got to feel the power for letting everyone know that somebody that nobody knew may have put something in the dumpster and he was calling the police about it.

Egg on your face to you, Jon Wainwright. Epic fail.

Attorney Sandra Bonato Blows Hot Air, Gets Egg on Face

After an Edgewater Isle property manager wouldn't accept correspondence from a homeowner, the homeowner sent a letter via UPS overnight delivery to the property manager's house. The reply from the association's attorney, Sandra Bonato, was:

This is to notify you that such conduct is unacceptable and has been reported to the local police department.

A complete lie. Wow. The San Mateo Police Department said there was no report and they wouldn't take a report on legal activity anyhow.

How does it feel to be a lawyer, a lobbyist no less, caught in an outright lie?


What is with these Edgewater Isle people who are frequently invoking law enforcement into civil matters? Let's assume that Sandra Bonato really knew this was the case, and only made that statement as an attempt at intimidation. Perhaps that's all good in the legal field, but in the blogging field, we're going to call that out and call you on your desperate tactics.