Edgewater Isle Resident Stabbed

On June 10, 1996, George Roensch emptied his bank account of its $3,000.00, purchased plane tickets to Chicago, wrote farewell letters to friends and family and went to plaintiff's residence, at the Edgewater Isle Condominiums, to confront plaintiff. Roensch had two box cutters tapped together and he also had a switch blade knife. Roensch stabbed plaintiff numerous times including a slash across plaintiff's throat, a partial laceration of plaintiff's spinal cord resulting in partial paralysis on one side of his body and the opposite side of his face, and other lacerations. Plaintiff's medical expenses amount to approximately $82,000.00. Roensch pled nolo contendere to attempted murder and received a twenty year sentence.

Edgewater Isle Master Association was sued by the victim for failing to provide adequate security. Edgewater Isle Master Association reached an out-of-court settlement for $100,000. The security patrol company also settled for $100,000, while the defendant—the guy who actually did the stabbing—only had to paid $50,000.

Edgewater Isle Master Assn sued for negligence


Edgewater Isle's motion for summary judgment is denied

Settlement conference minutes: Edgewater Isle Master to pay $100,000