A Brief History of Management Companies at Edgewater Isle

Edgewater Isle Homeowners Associations have had almost every property management company on the mid-Peninsula.

  1. PML Management Company
    San Mateo
    STATUS: 1990 - 1997, and again 2007 - 2010
    See Edgewater Isle experiences with PML
    STATUS: PML terminated their final Edgewater Isle contract, South Association, in 2010

  2. Franciscan Property Management
    Redwood City
    STATUS: Terminated

  3. Aspen Property Management
    Palo Alto
    STATUS: Out of business.

  4. Mulqueeny and Associates
    Foster City
    STATUS: He quit. (Who wouldn't?)

  5. Pelican Management Group
    San Mateo
    STATUS: Terminated 2004.

  6. Community Management Services
    STATUS: 2004 - Current. See Contact Us for more information

  7. Pargett Association Management
    San Mateo, Belmont, who knows?
    STATUS: Out of business (which is arguable as homeowners questioned if they were ever "in" business)

  8. Common Interest
    San Mateo
    STATUS: 2009 - Current. See Contact Us for more information.