They Must Be Good: Board Breaks Bylaws to Sign CMS as Manager

Because bylaws and rules and stuff only apply to homeowners, not to board members, the Edgewater Isle North board of directors shoved through a quick and sneaky change to the bylaws hoping no one would notice.

What The Bylaws Said

Edgewater Isle original bylaws


The Sneaky Change By the Board

Proposed change to Edgewater Isle bylaws -- notice removed section


In their defense, Edgewater Isle Homeowners Associations had already run through every other property management company on the Peninsula, so looking outside of the county was probably the only option remaining. Sprague and Associates One property management company wouldn't return phone calls when, yet again, a new property management company was sought.

But why not just be straightforward about it? Why the hiding it? Why the sneakiness? It really only leads to the lingering perception that the board is on the take.

No? Not on the take? Humpf. Then why the quick letter sent out to owners announcing a new management company upon receiving the approval to change the bylaws? You mean "my board of directors" researched, interviewed, and background checked 5 management companies overnight? No. It means you did all of that while acting outside the bylaws. Then you changed the bylaws to cover yourselves and then announced your deed:


Who did this? You can find their names listed on the letter that accompanied the proposed bylaws:

Sherry Mallett, Milena Marsico, Bob Mosblech, Kelly McGuirk, Peter Tocchini, Sue Bianco