In His Own Words: Grade-School Antagonism Tactics

Second GradeIn an attempt to publicly embarrass and make unnecessary trouble for a homeowner, Nick Pargett of Pargett Association Management chose to act outside his property manager responsibilities and took it on himself to call the City of San Mateo after exactly no one asked him to.

Then, instead of attempting to add any value to solving a problem, he gleefully throws his (make-believe) gotcha-spitball at a homeowner.

Gee, Nick, how's that "plays nice with others" thing looking on your report card? Not so good, huh?

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Hello Michael,

I am forwarding you this from XXXXXXXXXXXX, because water heaters are a North issue (I think individual homeowners are responsible for repair and maint).

Thanks XXXXXXXXXXXX for letting me know about address redacted.

Also I called the City of San Mateo and address redacted has no permit on file for anything, but seismic upgrades. That means that your water heater lasted 18 years. wow. I have never seen one go past 8 years. What was the maintenance program that you used to make it last so long?



EDITORIAL COMMENT: Nick, good job! Sarcasm is duly noted. Give yourself another year-end bonus for your never-ending "hard work."

However, do you think you appear to be a helpful and responsible property management company owner, or do you appear to resort to immature, grade school tactics against homeowners you purport to serve?