Pelican Management Group One of Many Management Companies

Pelican Management Group of San Mateo was Edgewater Isle North's management company from 2001 through February 2004.

Teri Day of Pelican Management Is A Liar

Teri Day, owner/president of Pelican Management Group, apparently was tired of a homeowner's request for never-produced documents doing her job, so she proceeded to document "harassment." Teri Day's claim about 7 phone calls is not true. It is a lie. She completely made it up to cover for her inaction. Falsifying harassment by a homeowner and documenting such "events" is a known tactic used by management companies and lawyers to get restraining orders on homeowners, after they've documented your "harassment."


The board of directors and/or the management company is setting you up for a "5150" (involuntary psychiatric hold) and/or restraining orders against you. If a management company ever starts this game with you, only communicate with them in writing.


And the homeowner's response to Teri Day's lie:

VIA US CERTIFIED MAIL 7002 0860 0006 6396 5686

August 2,2003

Pelican Management Group
1650 So. Amphlett Blvd #200
San Mateo, CA 94402

Re: Edgewater Isle Homeowners Association Request for Inspection

Ms. Day:

In response to your email of July 29, 2003, yes, it has been six, nearly seven weeks now, since I requested these documents. In my original email to you I proposed two dates, the first being a moot point because your reply was after my first proposed date.

Your statement that I "did fail to mention in your email, however, that in your quest for the work order, you called our office seven times in the course of one afternoon and one morning asking for the same document over and over," is false and defamatory. My phone invoice shows I called your office once on 7/2/2003; 7/8/2003; 7/10/2003; 7/11/2003; 7/14/2003; 7/18/2003; 7/23/2003; 7/25/2003; and 7/28/2003 regarding this invoice/work order. I left messages for Tania that were not returned on 7/18 and 7/23. I was told by Kerri from Pelican Management Group on 7/23/2003 that Tony Day would call me on 7/24/2003. I never received a call. When I spoke with you on 7/25/2003, you told me you didn't know what I was referring to, to put my request in writing, and that I had called 7 times in 5 days. And in your email to this group, the statement about the frequency of my calls changed. It's great for dramatic effect, but neither statement is true. I don't have the time to make seven fruitless calls to your office in one afternoon. And, by the way, on what afternoon were these alleged seven phone calls made? ...

Further, your implication that I have been rude to your staff is malicious. You make this statement without mentioning a specific incident. And that's because there isn't one. I have always treated your staff with courtesy. My emails to Pelican requesting meeting minutes begin with "please" and end with "thank you." Replies back from Pelican simply consist of one word: "Attached." Messages left at Pelican go unreturned, as docume~ted. Certified mail sent to Pelican goes unacknowledged, as I can document.



The Exhausted Homeowner


To which, there was no reply back. Of course.

Pelican Management Group Sued By Homeowner

A homeowner at Edgewater Isle sued Pelican Management Group in March 2004. Plaintiff alleged that the management company said they would repair her wall, but didn't. The small claims court commissioner said that the "problem arose from an appliance owned by plaintiff. This is expressly excluded from coverage," and found for the management company.