PML Settles Fraud Lawsuit

PML has settled out of court the fraud lawsuit filed against them by homeowners in another association.

PML Management Continues Long Tradition of Poor Service

Other Homeowners Detail Their Frustrations with PML on Yelp

Even way before PML was a glimmer in Edgewater Isle's eye (again), PML was continuing its long-held tradition of a family business who seems to enjoy screwing over its customers. Years ago, residents at Edgewater Isle loudly complained about PML's services, and PML was dumped in favor, at the time, of Franciscan Property Management.

Please note: these reviews pre-date Edgewater Isle's re-misengagementTM with PML . (In other words, we didn't do it.)

A review from Yelp of PML Management

World Shocked As South BOD Rehires Manager It Previously Booted

The Edgewater Isle South Board of Directors sent a letter to Edgewater Isle South homeowners stating that Pargett Association Management has "decided not to continue working in the field," and PML Management Corporation would be succeeding them.

PML Management Sued By Homeowners

Homeowners in a Redwood Shores, California, townhouse managed sued PML for fraud. These homeowners have filed a lawsuit against PML and their association.

PML Management Responds to Newspaper Article

One day after the Foster City Progress article ran, PML Management sent a letter to homeowners explaining their position.

PML Management Dumped by Marina Point Homeowners Association

A day after a negative article appeared in a local paper, another HOA dumped PML because of similar frustrations they were experiencing with the management company.

PML Management Admits to Destroying Homeowners' Landscaping

Thirteen years ago, PML's "maintenance workers" took it upon themselves to completely destroy a homeowner's landscaping. Homeowners were not notified that any workers would be performing any work with in the exclusive use common area. PML's maintenance workers ruined all established landscaping and left the area appearing that a hurricane had it.