Why Do These Associations Always Want Control?

Edgewater Isle Master Association displays a typical power grab of a homeowners' association attempt to prevent any dissenting opinion. Edgewater Isle Master Association, like the Edgewater Isle North Association, denied a homeowner access to the membership roster, as provided in the association's bylaws.

This denying of the roster is a old trick, one that's falsely perpetuated with the whole "privacy" argument. Do you really think a HOA cares one whit about your privacy? No. It's a scam to get them to dump your communication in the trash box "mail out" your communication.

1992 Bylaws Allow Homeowner to Inspect (and Copy) Membership Roster

The association's paternalistic attitude motivated the board of directors, through its lawyer, to deny such access. The association's lawyer demands a purpose for inspecting the records, but the association bylaws' rules do not require the homeowner to provide a reason for requesting to inspect them. This little wild goose chase game only provides the attorney with more billable hours.


Edgewater Isle Master Association denies a homeowner access to the homeowner roster, and

demands that a homeowner provide a reason for wanting to inspect the financial records


And what's with the lawyer's final statement (on page 2) that the association will not mail any materials that are "libelous or otherwise inappropriate?" Who gets to decide what's "inappropriate?" Anything a board member doesn't agree with? Yes: a homeowner's dissenting opinion will always be determined to be "inappropriate."

Another Example of Edgewater Isle Master Association Denying Roster

Here is another documented instance where the Edgewater Isle Master Association, again, denied a homeowner access to the roster, as clearly allowed in the excerpt of the bylaws shown above.

Okay, So Let's Review

Edgewater Isle Master Association clearly does not live up to its end of the bargain by providing the roster to a homeowner upon request. (See what happens if you, the homeowner, don't live up to your end of the bargain and skip paying your dues. You think the HOA will ignore the C C & Rs then? No. )

So, dear homeowner, instead of playing their game get smart and get a web site where you can publish your dissenting opinion for all to see. That's what happens when an HOA wants the ultimate control over the discussion of ideas. For the same cost as paying for postage to 324 homeowners, one can get a domain name and hosting for a year.

And when the HOA begins talk of trying to "shut down the web site," sleep tight knowing they haven't learned a thing.


At least there is a sign of one brain on the board.