Master Association Throws Open the Doors to the Monkey House

Edgewater Isle Monkey HouseYou'll never believe the monkey business that Edgewater Isle Master Association is up to now.

Edgewater Isle Master Association believes it can randomly bill people for random expenses. Yes, really.

In August 2008, two homeowners submitted a petition, signed by 23 homeowners, to change the Edgewater Isle Master Association's bylaws which provide an unbalance of voting power to the owner of the Senior Center.

The Master Association followed its normal pattern of stalwart obfuscation and delayed for 7 1/2 months (yes, seven and one-half months) after receiving the petition. While the proposition received a majority of votes, a quorum was not achieved (by design of the Senior Apartments Owner) and therefore the amendment was not incorporated into the bylaws.

Now, six months after the vote was tallied, the Master Association has gone crazy and, via Patrick Guglielmoni at PML Property Management, has sent its legal bills to the homeowners who followed the Association's bylaws and submitted a petition for a special meeting to modify the bylaws. Those same bylaws do not provide for charging any homeowner any expenses for this process. But the Edgewater Isle Master Association is not deterred by its own rules.

Edgewater Isle Master HOA Charges Homeowner for Special Election

No Authorization in Bylaws to Charge Homeowners

The Edgewater Isle Master Association bylaws does not give the association or the board of directors to charge a homeowner for any charges the association may run up. The Edgewater Isle Master Association, so the homeowners disputed these charges. Upon calling and leaving messages for Patrick Guglielmoni which were not returned by Mr. Guglielmoni, a homeowner went to PML Property Management to deliver the letter personally.

The homeowner has demanded:

  1. copies of meeting minutes for the previous 12 months
  2. copies of email between board members regarding this issue
  3. those documents to delivered back to homeowner by November 12, 2009

Should PML or Edgewater Isle Master Association claim to have "not received" a homeowner's letter disputing these charges, let us refresh their memory. The tracking number from the USPS should also provide a little help.


Homeowner Disputes Charges from Edgewater Isle Master Association and PML

The meeting minutes did not show a vote taken on this act to charge the homeowners. PML Management said that the Edgewater Isle Master Association president, Barbara Finnegan, told PML to charge the homeowners.

Of course, we all know that's acting outside the bylaws. Nothing new here.