Homeowner Questions Why Master Association Won't Return Funds, Questions Integrity

Nick Pargett guilty of malfeasance

March 26, 2008

Moxi Posner 2247 Vista Del Mar 572.9447

To: Barbara Finnegan, President of Edgewater Isle Master Board

From: Moxi Posner, Edgewater Isle South Homeowner

Subj: Nick Pargett depositing $16,000.00 inaccurately into the Master account

This notice hereby places you, Barbara Finnegan, President of the Master Board, that homeowners are cognizant of the two fallacious checks that Nick Pargett, Property Manager of the Master Board, DEPOSITED INTO the Master Board bank account.


It appears, so it seems, that the two checks were made out to Edgewater Isle North and sent in error to Nick Pargett. Nick Pargett, should have contacted CMS, North's management company, or called CMS, or sent the checks back to CMS or voided out the checks. Instead, Nick Pargett, has admitted and knowingly, deliberately deposited the checks into the Master account, $16,000.00, as the evidence shows.

Homeowners have been waiting for the Special Meeting, TO BE POSTED, concerning this matter. It is ILLEGAL to have secret meetings other than for firing. You know that, Jim Newell knows that, as do homeowners. Why Barbara Finnegan are you dragging your feet on this critical financial transgression? Is your allegiance to Nick Pargett and not to the welfare ofEdgewater Isle? Barbara Finnegan you have not shown good faith.

Of course the bank is investigating this matter. This serious matter is not going to just disappear. This matter must be resolved to the satisfaction of the bank and homeowners.

Nick should resign IN SHAME. You and Jim Newell might consider resigning from the Master Board for not apprising homeowners of this transgression, by not posting a Special Meeting as of the date of this writing. It is your fiduciary duty to have done so.

Edgewater Isle North, Edgewater Isle South, and HIP await your answer concerning the posting of the Special Meeting pertaining to Nick Pargett guilty of malfeasance, depositing fallacious checks into the Master account amounting to $16.000.00.

cc: edgewaterisle.com & others

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Awaiting forthcoming usual denial of all maldoings™, the usual blah blah blah that this is "actionable," the tired yet entertaining claim that you've filed a police report (LOL!) and all that. Save your breath. Why don't you just give the money back, huh?