The Edgewater 500 Speedway


Because the Edgewater Master Association has decided to stick its heads in the sand over a speeding problem, a homeowner was left no alternative but to publish his efforts in trying to get something done to curb this problem.

A homeowner has approached the Edgewater Isle Master Association for over a year now, trying to get their attention on a recurring speeding problem. The board of directors has delayed while purporting to "study" the issue, but nothing in their "study" shows that they have gone out in the morning to watch drivers likely on their way to work.

So, let's help with that.

Videos taken on a random day, Friday, November 4, 2011, show a multitude of speeders in the complex. But instead of doing something about this old and ongoing problem, board member James Newell wants to "study" the issue.

Without restoring to a bunch of busy work, including measuring the distances between speed bumps already installed (yawn!) or forming a committee (Stage 5 sleep now), why not just go out and look at the problem?

So we did just that. With a video camera. And it wasn't hard to see a number of people speeding down the street.

The first video on the right shows a Recology (trash collection) truck speeding through Edgewater Isle on Vista Del Mar. The driver knew he was speeding because he hit the brakes and slowed down when he saw the camera that was capturing him. And take note where the driver and other guy just look at the camera. Knowing they were busted!

The second video shows a car speeding down Vista Del Mar and out the south exit of the complex. The car did not even pretend to stop at the stop sign, and in fact, took the turn at such a fast clip that s/he was forced to drive in the oncoming traffic lane because the speed of the car would have allowed anything but.

And the third video shows more of the same.

What Has the Board Done?

Now or in the past?

Oh lookie, look what we found. There are 2 previous instances of the Edgewater Isle North association reminding drivers to slow down. Newsletters from the North Association in 2002 and in 2005 included a paragraph that homeowners should slow down. One newsletter reported that the board of directors had received "numerous complaints about drivers running stop signs as well as excessive driving speeds."

Hum. Isn't that pretty much what we're talking about now? (Hint: YES.)

Minutes that precede each of these newsletter dates (particularly February 2002 but also April 2005) , however, do not mention this correspondence or complaints at all.

And there is no mention in the Master's minutes of these complaints either. So was the North negligent in following up to the Master Association about these complaints? Maybe. Or were the North's minutes inadequate? Probably.

And then finally, in October 2003, the Master Association discusses "an update" of putting in 2 additional speed bumps. But interestingly enough, there is no mention of how this issue began, only the end result: the minutes for July, August, and September 2003 make no mention of any discussion why or how the speed bumps came to be.

It's kind of hard to imagine how the management company, Pargett Association Management, just decided on its own to obtain bids for putting in speed bumps without any prior discussion noted in the minutes.

What else was omitted? Why are the minutes ALWAYS so inadequate?


Edgewater Isle North warned drivers in Mardh 2002 to slow down.

Edgewater Isle North warned owners to slow down in May 2005




On Friday and Saturday, November 11 and 12, , a homeowner distributed this letter to homeowners:


My name is Shelly Abrams and I am the owner of 2289 Vista Del Mar. For the last year, I have been trying to get the board to install speeding signs on various streets in Edgewater Isle, especially on Vista Del Mar, where the speeding is rampant. I have followed all of the boards requests such as

1. Form a committee
2. Do a survey of the property and the speeding areas
3. Develop a plan to implement  signage
4. Get a complete bid from a vendor

I have accomplished all of these goals but the board, especially Jim Newell , is stonewalling me at every turn. I feel that if we do not address the problem, there will be serious accident. I have seen our vendors, UPS, FEDEX, and even board members drive at speeds that are at least twice the limit.

I would very much like every owner and family in Edgewater Isle who believes there is a problem to attend the board meeting on Monday, November  14th  at 7pm. If you need a ride or want more information, please call me at 650-537-XXXX.

The Board has done nothing but raise our dues each year which lowers our property values. Now that there is a safety problem, they do nothing to solve it.

Perhaps the Board is waiting for a child to be injured before they will act. The bid for the signs was approximately $2500 which is a small percentage of what they waste in a year, especially on bogus legal fees. I hope we have a large reserve to cover a lawsuit if an accident occurs.

This entire issue has been disgraceful and shows the board does not care about the owners of the property. I will carry the ball to the goal but I need your help.

Thank you
Shelly Abrams  650-537-XXXX