Master Association Had A Tax Problem

The association failed to meet Franchise Tax Board requirements, specifically, "e.g., failure to file a return, pay taxes, etc." as defined by the Secretary of State. Further, the Edgewater Isle Master Association DID NOT include any mention about their suspension in their 2011 year-end audit about this tax problem.

Association Held Meetings While Suspended and Condos Closed Escrow

The association held August, September, and October board meetings while a suspended corporation, and further, two condos closed escrow during that time when the association did not legally have the authority to make a demand in escrow.

Edgewater Isle Master failed to meet Franchise Tax Board requirements


The Edgewater Isle Master Association, through its so-called professional management company agent Common Interest Management Services, has failed to maintain its active corporation status with the California Secretary of State. Edgewater Isle Master joins Edgewater Isle North and Edgewater Isle South who have also failed to maintain their corporation status.

Edgewater Isle Master HOA suspended by California Secretary of State

Sources at Common Interest Management Services indicate that the reason for the corporation being suspended is the State of California is slow to process the paperwork, and that they, Common Interest Management Services, have "been seeing this a lot."

That Got Us Thinking: What About Other Local Associations?

If Common Interest Management Services has in fact "been seeing this a lot," we decided to look up every homeowners association that came to mind in zip code 94404 to see how many others were suspended. Here is what we found:

Other Homeowners Associations in Zip Code 94404
Status on
October 7, 2011
Alden Crossing active
Bayfront Court Homeowners Association active
Carmel Village Foster City Association active
Cityhomes West Homeowners Association ** active
Cityhomes East Homeowners Association ** active
Emerald Bay of Foster City Homeowners Association active
Harborside active
Harbortown Homeowners Association ** active
Island J Homeowners Association active
Las Casitas De San Mateo Homeowners Association active
Lido Isle Homeowners Association active
Longwater Homeowners Association active
Marina Point ** active
Meridian Bay Homeowners Assocociation ** active
Nantucket Cove active
Plum Island active
Port Royal Master Association active
Sand Harbour Association active
Sand Harbour South Association active
Sea Colony active
Spinnaker Cove active
Treasure Isle active
The Admiralty Association ** active
Whalers Island Homeowners Association active
Williams Landing active
Winston Square Homeowners Association active

** Associations listed in bold are also managed by Common Interest Management Services.

We found 6 other HOAs in 94404 that are managed by Common Interest who are all listed as ACTIVE by the California Secretary of State. So we question Common Interest Management Services' assertion that this is happening "a lot." Not a single other HOA in the area that they manage has been suspended. If one has been, they are free to contact us to correct the record. ($5 says they won't.)

UPDATE: As of Common Interest Management Services has not offered any correction to the above statements.

Board of Directors Has Misplaced Focus: Can't Keep Own House In Order

The Edgewater Isle Master board of directors is clearly incompetent. While spending time, money, and effort to obtain a trademark or to file a small claims case they fail to prosecute (perhaps because they knew they legally could not) or pursuing foreclosure, perhaps they would be best advised to finally obtain competent management and keep their own house in order before tackling other issues.

Association Held Meetings While Suspended

The Association published agendas and held meetings while not eligible to do so.

Edgewater Isle Master HOA agenda for September 2011.  Association was suspended by Secretary of State when this meeting occurred.

Edgewater Isle Master HOA agenda for September 2011.  Association was suspended by Secretary of State when this meeting occurred.