Association Says "Not Affiliated....." But Documents Tell a Different Story

affiliated      /af·fil·i·at·ed / [uh-fil-ee-ey-tid] –adjective
the act of affiliating; state of being affiliated or associated.
[Origin: 1745–55; < ML affīliātiōn- (s. of affīliātiō adoption); see affiliate


Edgewater Isle HOA has run an advertisement for over the last 4 years in the association's monthly newsletter:

October 2006 Newsletter

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Association has maintained for 4 years that they are "not affiliated in any way" with Independent Haulers. This is a lie.

Public Records Show Edgewater Isle's Affiliation with Independent Haulers

San Mateo County Ficticious Business Names database shows that the owner of Independent Haulers is a Mark A. Tilds.

San Mateo County Ficticious Business Names database record of Independent Haulers


San Mateo County records also show that a Mark A. Tilds owns 1670 Via Laguna, San Mateo, with Kelly McGuirk, a long-time board member and/or landscape committee chairperson who also managed to obtain a free lawn.

1670 Via Laguna deed shows relationship of Independent Haulers and Kelly McGuirk

EDITORIAL COMMENT: More of the same from the woman who got a free lawn. It wouldn't be so bad if there were full disclosure, but as usual, misrepresentation is the name of the game. Why not just say the owner of the business is a homeowner at Edgewater Isle? Why is the simple truth always hidden?