File that Grande Mocha Under "Office Supplies "

Edgewater Isle North board of directors held a meeting on February 25, 2005: only residents of Building 18 were invited. The Board bought cookies and coffee for the selected few individuals invited to this meeting, and charged this expense to the Association (i.e., all of the other homeowners who weren't invited, even though they paid for the cookies, the coffee, and the construction). There are 224 units here, they planned for 24 homeowners to attend the meeting regarding construction work occurring in one building only.

But since all homeowners were paying (via a special assessment) for the reconstruction, every homeowner should have been invited to the meeting. (Anything to hide, other than the grande mocha expensed to the Association?)

The seating chart accompanied the receipts below:

seating chart

EDITORIAL COMMENT: The Association has 224 units, and who knows how many members (multiple members per household). Why did the Association plan on a meeting for 24 members? The Association membership as a whole has to pay for the reconstruction, the meeting held here, and the coffee and cookies below. ALL members should have had notice of this meeting. Yet another example of Monkey Business As Usual.

The receipts submitted for the meeting: cookies and coffee. Oh, yes, and do you think that one little mocha was for the group to share, or was it for a board member who fixed their habit and expensed it to the Assn?

Starbucks and Safeway receipts show ing personal purchase


check detail shows purchases are classified under office expenses

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Look how the check is actually payable to a board member, but the register shows "office supplies." And this passes an "audit?" (Yes, as long as the auditor is paid.)

What a bunch of horseshit.