Edgewater Isle originally sold from approximately 1984 - 1987. The complex is divided into two residential associations, what is now known as Edgewater Isle North and Edgewater Isle South. Each of those original developments still maintains a separate homeowners association, coupled with the Master Association to which both North and South also belong.

By 2001 the factions had come out and these associations were suing each other. Life has not been quite as harmonious as the brochures implied.

All units were originally promoted as being moderately priced and affordable, but the dues today are anything but: dues have not been controlled.

Edgewater Isle North Association

Here is an original sales brochure from Edgewater Isle dated November 1984.





Newport floor plan

Del Mar

Malibu floor plan

Capri floor plan





Edgewater Isle South Association

Here is the brochure from Edgewater Isle South Association, initially known as "The Cove." Date approximately 1986.

Edgewater Isle South Sales Brochure Cover

Edgewater Isle South sales brochure introduction

South Floor Plan


Building -- Front View