Slippery pool and hot tub

August 24, 2009

Moxi Posner 2247 Vista Del Mar 650.572.9447
Rosa Chen 2252 Vista Del Mar 650.350.1456

To: PML Management
Att: Ellen Stewart South Board of Directors

Re: Dangerously Slippery South Hot Tub

South homeowners waited too long to have the swimming pool and the hot tub brought up to code. Our use of the swimming facility this season will be cut short.

The swimming facility is very dangerous. The pool and hot tub are very dangerously slippery and can cause catastrophic injuries. This document is putting Ellen Stewart, PML, and the South Board on notice that our swimming pool and hot tub are not up to code. They are unsafe. Gonzoles Masonry is responsible and must remedy this horrendous situation now. What is going on and why has it taken so long to fix this problem? Are you waiting for a human disaster?

I have called Ellen Stewart, Property Manager three times about this problem. I have requested that Ellen Stewart call me back and apprise me of what she is doing about this very serious problem. Ellen Stewart never called back which is indicative of her lack of interest toward the welfare of the South. PML, Ellen Stewart is useless and dangerous for her lack of caring and lack of taking positive productive action. Again incompetence is ruining our complex.

Rosa Chen was in the hot tub and slipped. She would have banged her head if Linda Waterman was not in the hot tub with her and wrapped her strong legs around Rosa to stop her from slipping. Rosa could have had cervical lumbar and or spinal lumbar injuries. I slipped in the hot tub and was bruised. Michelle McLaughlin South Board member told me she also slipped. Are all of you waiting to get sued? Are all of you waiting for spinal injuries to occur?

I am sending this document to Attorney Sandra Bonato to protect the homeowners and keep us safe. She should know.