The Check and the Invoice Have the Same Date

Being on a board of directors can have its priviledges. This situation at Edgewater Isle Homeowners Association illustrates a perfect example:

  1. Kelly McGuirk* is unsatisfied with her landscaping, so she asks the then-Board of Directors to replant it.

  2. Meeting minutes show that McGuirk's request is specifically denied.

  3. Kelly McGuirk* then joins Board of Directors in a meeting without a quorum (illegal meeting) and proceeds to make inroads into the landscaping world by cleverly becoming Landscaping Queen Chairperson and get her coveted new landscaping. (Good job: go get yourself a Starbucks grande mocha on the Association's tab.)

Excerpted Meeting Minutes

Minutes below are excerpted verbatim from the Edgewater Isle Homeowners Association official meeting minutes.

1. Start Going to Meetings

August 14, 2001
Page 2

  1. Landscape:  Management presented a letter from Owner McGuirk* asking about being on the Landscape Committee.  Charlotte R. advised that the Committee meets on Fridays at 10:00 AM by the pond and Ms. McGuirk was welcome to attend.

Discussion about landscaping in general was held and it was reiterated that only emergencies are being dealt with at this time due to financial constraints and the unknowns of the Building 18 reconstruction.

2. Get Yourself on the Board 2 Months Later

Be Sure There Isn't a Legal Quorum at the Meeting When You're Appointed

October 10, 2001
Page 1

Appointment of New Director:  Upon motion duly made by Charlotte R., seconded by Barbara R. and unanimously carried, Kelly McGuirk* was appointed to the Board of Directors.

A.  Landscape:  ....Kelly McGuirk* asked about the landscaping in her area and was advised that due to financial constraints the Board was only spending money on areas where a safety or muddy ground issues exists.


EDITORIAL COMMENT: Gee isn't that the same thing Kelly McGuirk* was told 2 months earlier?

Also, meeting minutes show there was not a quorum at this meeting when said New Board Member was appointed.

3. Push Your Own Agenda


November 13, 2001
Page 2

A.  Landscape:   The Board reviewed a proposal from Greener Gardening for the conversion of the landscaping by 1670 Via Laguna to lawn for $2,075.00.  It was noted that this proposal was too costly to entertain at this time.  Charlotte R. will discuss re-landscaping the muddy areas with Greener Gardening.  The thatching proposal from Greener Gardening was also reviewed and deemed too expensive to undertake at this time....

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Isn't that the same thing she's been told twice now? Two and three months earlier?

4. Volunteer to be the "Landscape Chair"

May 14, 2002
Page 3

Discussion was held on the Landscape Committee.  For the present, the committee will continue to meet as scheduled (third Friday of every month, weather permitting). Kelly McGuirk* volunteered to write the committee charge.  ***HOMEOWNER NAME*** inquired about areas needing re-landscaping and was advised that except for life safety issues, planting would be postponed until after the reconstruction of Building 18 was completed.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Oh good move. No one is paying any attention to what's happened for the past few months, are they?

5. Get Fancy New Lawn Installed Anyway: Everyone Is Asleep at the Wheel

1670 Via Laguna

EDITORIAL COMMENT: See the lines in the brand new sod?

January 20, 2003
Page 2

Grounds and Landscape:  Gutter Cleaning has been completed.  The Landscape Maintenance Contract was re-negotiated by Kelly McGuirk* and the paperwork will be forthcoming.  The Board expressed its appreciation for Kelly’s work on this project. 

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Landscape contract was "re-negotiated" by the same person who got a free lawn? Conflict of interest? Self-dealing transaction?

6. Oh No, The Homeowners Are Catching On

Stall When Homeowner Requests Records

AOL NavigationAOL Mail

Date: 6/17/2003 12:18:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: PelicanMgt

Hello --
I would like to set an appointment for either this Friday 6/20 or
Friday, 6/27 in the afternoon to inspect records relating to the
relandscaping (i.e., lawn planting) in the 1650 - 1670 Via Laguna
area. I presented pictures of this area at the 6/16/2003 Association
Board of Directors meeting. Records I would like to see are
landscape walk-through notes, letters from homeowners asking for the
area to be relandscaped, any other correspondence regarding this
area's relandscaping, invoices, and checks.

I would also like to see the check register for the past 12 months,
specifically check detail (check numbers and payees, not necessarily
cancelled checks).
Thank you.

7. Cover Misdeeds with a Clever Invoice

Ask your friends at the landscaping company, the same ones who provided you with the unapproved lawn, to rewrite the invoice to match your version of events. And they do it! Great for me! No one will ever catch me now because I'm so smart.




Why is this an invoice for the same work that was expressly proposed and denied on November 13, 2001? What changed? Meeting minutes for the previous 3 years do not show any mention or discussion of any type of "future project designing." Why did it go in the front of Kelly McGuirk's house, the same person who presented the BOD with the same landscaping proposal? Management company DID NOT provide a single document supporting this change.

Why couldn't Pelican Management Company find this invoice when it was first requested? Why did it take another 2 weeks for them to "find" this invoice?


7. Sign The Check Yourself


Kelly McGuirk* signed the check for her own lawn that was very specifically not approved.

Why do the signed check and the invoice have the same date?


8. If Any Homeowner Raises Questions, Call Them From Work and Hang Up

first call from work   second call from work

9. Have Your Board Friends Dodge Bullets with Obfuscation Techniques

AOL NavigationAOL Mail

Date: 8/27/2003 7:01:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Sherry, et al. -- I am following up with my meeting with you and Milena on 8/20/2003 regarding landscaping issues. Your email dated 8/1/2003 states that you would not provide documentation because those "documents are beyond the scope of what the board has long determined to be subject to inspection rights." I asked for clarification of that policy "What long standing policy? Where is that written? How is that not in contradiction to that listed above?" I have not received a reply to those questions. However, at our meeting on 8/20/2003, you and Milena provided me a copy of the check I had been requesting for two months. You also said that you would not provide any further documentation I may request because of two legal opinions you have received on this matter. I would like copies of those legal opinions.

You also said that on the landscaping matter, a homeowner/board member paid out of pocket for landscaping work. I would like a copy of the cancelled check showing that. You also said that the homeowner/board member had "used bad judgment," and asked me what I would like you to do about it. I said that I could not respond at that time. At this point, I have two proposed solutions. One I will document in email, and the other I will discuss off-line. My first proposed solution is that space in the monthly newsletter be allotted to print homeowner concerns. Homeowners' comments would clearly be labeled as their opinion, much as a "Letters to the Editor" section of a newspaper. I would like to contribute a "Letter to the Editor" to be printed in the newsletter. My second proposal can be discussed at a later date.



Subj: RE: June EWN Board Meeting - Landscape Inquiry
Date: 8/1/2003 8:23:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Cc:, Kelliesline, Milen

Ms. Mallett -- I have followed the required protocol under California Corporations Code 8333; the Restated Edgewater Isle Homeowners Association Bylaws, Article X, Section 10.1; and the Enabling Declaration Establishing a Plan for Condominium Ownership, Section 8.6 A in requesting inspection of documents. Your email of 8/1/2003 states that "some of those documents are beyond the scope of what the board has long determined to be subject to inspection rights." What long-standing policy? Where is that written? How is that not in contradiction to that listed above? The Edgewater Isle North Homeowners' Association "Policy on Inspection and Copying of Association Records" dated April 21, 2003, does not exclude the requested document. If you believe it does, I would like to know why.


In a message dated 8/1/2003 6:15:19 PM Eastern Standard Time, "Mallett, Sherry" <> writes:

We apologize for our delay in responding to the concerns you expressed at the June board meeting over some landscaping done in the area of 1650-1670 Via Laguna. At that time we told you that the board is soon to approve a landscape policy by which owners will be offered the option of paying for grass or other approved landscaping. The area you referenced is a good example of how the new policy might be applied. Your concerns are noted and we will address them shortly.

Relating to this same topic, we understand you have received documents from our management company. Some of those documents are beyond the scope of what the board has long determined to be subject to inspection rights. That said, we wanted you to know that going-forward we have advised Pelican to adhere to our policy.

Thank you for your understanding.

EWN Board

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Sherry Mallett's 8/1/2003 statement of the board's "long standing policy" was never substantiated with such a policy. Sherry Mallett lied. Such a "policy" would have been in violation of California Civil Code §1365.02 anyhow.

10. Hide Your Misdeeds Under the Cover of "Executive Session"

September 15, 2003
Page 2

Grounds and Landscape:  As Kelly McGuirk* was absent from the meeting, she will be asked to bring the board up to date on the status of the landscape policy. 

There being no further business to come before the Board and upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimously carried, the meeting was adjourned at 8:37 P.M.   An Executive Session was held to discuss delinquent accounts, resolution of the landscape issue around the area of 1670 Via Laguna and the completion of Building 18. 

EDITORIAL COMMENT :  Since when is a "landscape issue" covered in executive session material? Landscaping is not defined within as a California Civil Code §1363.05 topic covered under Executive Session. Even your lawyer knows this is bullsh!t.

11. Emerge Unscathed Because Board Buddies Cover Misdeeds

October 20, 2003
Page 2

Grounds and Landscape:  Kelly McGuirk distributed a Landscape Policy.  Sherry Mallett will work with the committee on verbiage for the policy before it is sent to Kevin Frederick for review....


As shown above, in email of August 27, 2003, a copy of the check showing this "board member/homeowner" paid for this cost herself was requested. There's no way we're ever going to see any "proof" that she paid for it. Sherry Mallett lied that the Association was reimbursed. In 6 years, they never provided the proof. There is no "proof."

The end of this story is that this board member got herself a new lawn after it was expressly denied. Concurrently, other homeowners have gone without landscape improvements for years. Edgewater Isle Homeowners Association (Board of Directors) has taken efforts to conceal this from homeowners and has not been forthcoming with requests for information about this. The Edgewater Isle Board of Directors was complacent in the fraud as they knew of it and breached their fidicuiary duty to homeowners.

*Kelly McGuirk is a Convicted Felon

After these events, and after this story was first written 4 1/2 years ago, we learned that Kelly McGuirk has 4 felony convictions for theft, among other misdemeanor convictions for theft.

Association Has Not Sent a "Cease and Desist"Letter

If these statements were false, the Association surely would have sent a "cease-and-desist" letter by now. Neither the the Board of Directors nor Ms. McGuirk have ever communicated any denials in the years that this story has been online because it's true, it's a fraud perpetuated on the homeowners, and they willingly allowed it.