Created a New Invoice

We all know that vendors usually try to accommodate their clients. It appears that Greener Maintenance Services reissued an invoice to cover part of the Landscaping Fiasco Lie that was perpetuated, enabled, and funded by Kelly McGuirk, and ultimately the Board of Directors with their heads in the sand until they were caught.

Here is an entry in the Edgewater Isle North check register shows that invoice 3259 from Greener is dated 12/15/2002 for $1,675.00.

Yet the invoice, which Pelican Management at first "could not find" yet "found it" two weeks later, is dated 2/7/2003, which is, interestingly, the same date as the check was issued.

Greener Maintenance Services obviously reissued this invoice, upon request of someone, because a homeowner was looking for it and asking questions.

Greener Maintenance invoice date does not match with check register's date


Association Audited?

Edgewater Isle has a yearly audit by a Certified Public Accountant. Another player asleep at the wheel?

The dates here don't match, and the property manager, Pelican, said that they didn't have the invoice to document a check written 5 months earlier. Really? That doesn't match the smell test. Pelican Management cannot supply an invoice on a five-month old check written in the same fiscal year and had to have the vendor fax another copy?

But Greener Maintenance forgot to change the date of that invoice so that it didn't coincide with the date of the check that was used to pay for that "invoice."

And there was no notation in the the auditor James Ernst's notes for the audit for 2003. How fabulous.