Construction defects lawsuit case files available

Both Edgewater Isle South and Edgewater Isle North Homeowners Association were involved in the HOA industry-obligatory construction defects lawsuit. Most every CID homeowners association development built in the 1980's and 1990's has gone through this type of litigation.

Each association's lawsuit spanned several years, and each association had multiple different attorneys represent them throughout each case.

The South association filed their initial complaint on December 9, 1991, and the North filed their initial complaint on July 27, 1994. Each lawsuit settled before trial, and each association received a settlement which was then used on reconstruction of various structural problems at each association.

Homeowners were asked to complete surveys asking for information on the perceived defects in their condos. Those surveys were the basis for many of the filings in the lawsuits.

For the first time on, the entire case file of each of these lawsuits is available here. These cases were large, filling bankers boxes with case filings. Each lawsuit is broken up into multiple volumes (file folders), and filings are in reverse chronological order within each file.

Readers can now review the North association lawsuit (total 2,650 pages) and the South association lawsuit (total 1,417 pages) here.

Some photos of the North association's remedial construction are provided.

Since these lawsuits commenced in the early 1990s, the state of California passed new legislation regarding filing a homeowners association construction defects lawsuit. Those interested should review the relevant sections of Civil Code § 4000 - 6150 (in particular, Chapter 11).

Questions about which defects were fixed and not fixed should be addressed to the respective association.

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