February 13, 2008

Moxi Posner
2247 Vista Del Mar
San Mateo, CA 94404

Re:    Edgewater Isle South Owners' Association   

Dear Ms. Posner,

This acknowledges receipt of your February 6, 2008 letter entitled "Recall Process HOA
LEGAL NEGLIGENCE - Edgewater Isle South." I apologize for the brief delay in
responding to you.

In your letter, you disagree with the process established to conduct the current recall and
CC&R amendment votes. State law requires votes on these subjects to be conducted by mailed
secret ballot over a minimum 30-day period. The ballots will be opened and tabulated by the
inspector of election at an open meeting that any member may attend.

These processes have been determined by the legislature to be fair and reasonable. If the
members vote to remove the board, the election of a new board will be conducted in the same

Very truly yours,


Sandra M Bonato

Sandra M. Bonato


3240 STONE VALLEY ROAD WEST, ALAMO, CALIFORNIA 94507·1558 TELEPHONE: 925.838.2090 FAX: 925.820.5592

EDITORIAL COMMENT: So, the attorney here writes a blow off letter to a homeowner, AVOIDS THE QUESTIONS POSED, and charges the HOA $300 or more (probably more) for it.

What fiscal irresponsibility on the part of the BOD. Grow up and deal with matters yourselves or get off the board. Why do you fight so hard to stay on the board? Kickbacks?

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