Master files a small claims case for $2,460

delinquent dues at Edgewater Isle leads to small claims lawsuitThe Edgewater Isle Master Association, through its collection agent ASAP, filed a small claims case in Redwood City against a homeowner on April 7, 2017, alleging unpaid association Edgewater Isle Master Association dues from August 2016 - March 2017.

The hearing

paid in fullThe hearing was held on June 16, 2017. The plaintiff and defendant both appeared. A judgment was awarded to the Association in the amount of $3,190.71.

Paid in full

Association filed an acknowledgment that the amount had been paid in full on September 1, 2017.


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If the HOA Sues You

If the association has failed to perform an obligation of theirs, it does not negate your requirement to pay dues. The homeowner must continue to pay dues while pursuing a separate path to remedy any greivances with their association.

If you are behind in your dues to a homeowners association, you are better off arranging a payment plan with them. A homeowner cannot win either a superior court case or a small claims case brought by their association. The CC&Rs of your homeowners association govern the collection of these dues, and it is ironclad in favor of the association over the individual homeowner.