Master Association didn't pay taxes: county files lien

Why does this keep happening? First, the Edgewater Isle Master Association was suspended for some screwup with its 2007 taxes. The Master Association was suspended for 3 months in 2011 because of it.

Now, the San Mateo County Tax Collector has filed a lien on the Association for unpaid property taxes for the RV boat lot from which the Association collects dues from residents who choose to rent a spot, and the lien shows Common Interest Management Services as the management company.

The failure of the Master Association to pay its taxes has resulted in late fees being assessed to the Association. And they just passed a dues increase. Hummm..... maybe it's to cover incompetence.

San Mateo County files tax lien against Edgewater Isle Master HOA

A two-year journey

Common Interest Management Services, of San Mateo and Danville, had their eye on Edgewater Isle for some time. Someone there read so much that they were intrigued with the complex that two years ago they called homeowner Moxi Posner to ask why Edgewater Isle was poorly run and how they could help. They were the "new business" guys.

Two years later, Common Interest has had its wish. It is now one of three property management companies involved in the daily operations of the complex. But Common Interest is beginning to show that they are just like many other HOA management companies out there: they don't respond or are slow to respond to phone calls and correspondence from homeowners.

After the homeowner's phone call two years ago, the homeowner was excited and thought that things may eventually change. But we are today. See the homeowner's letter #1 and letter #2 to Common Interest Management Services.

After giving Common Interest the benefit of the doubt, Common Interest is now added to the list of Property Management Companies Who Disappoint.

Here are other homeowner reviews of Common Interest on

Yelp one star review

Six reviews, and all of them give Common Interest a one-star.


UPDATE: The property manager has been removed and replaced with a new property manager. Kudos to Common Interest for listening to the complaints.



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