Kelly McGuirk Stole from Safeway, Again

Kelly McGuirk was arrested for shoplifting, again at Safeway in Foster City. This was the 4th known conviction for theft from Safeway. But it flew under the radar because her last name is misspelled in the record.

March 12, 2008 Court Docket

“Defendant is ordered to stay away from Safeway.”

Kelly McGuirk is chargged with theft from Safeway


Kelly McGuirk criminal complaint, page 2


Kelly McGuirk criminal complaint, page 3



Kelly McGuirk pleads guilty



Sentenced modified to 39 days in jail, and served 27 days.


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Kelly McGuirk's Criminal Past

1986: Misdemeanor Theft
1993: Misdemeanor Thefts
1995: Misdemeanor Theft
1996: Felony Theft
1997: Misdemeanor Theft
2008: Felony Theft
2009: Felony Theft
2016: Assault