Kelly McGuirk pleaded guilty, again

Safeway in Foster City, CaliforniaOn January 31, 1995, on-and-off again Edgewater Isle North Homeowners Association board member Kelly McGuirk was criminally charged with stealing from Safeway in Foster City (pictured right) on January 11, 1995.

On March 25, 1995, she pleaded "nolo contendre" (which means "guilty"). By then, this was her third known theft conviction in San Mateo County.

The second document below shows that Kelly McGuirk was sentenced to two years probation, 20 days in Sheriff's Work Program (sometimes known as "picking up trash on side of the freeway"), and $110 in restitution.

McGuirk would be arrested again the following year. For again stealing from Safeway.

Kelly Anne McGuirk did willfully and unlawfully steal, take or carry away the personal property of another, to wit Safeway said defendant is in violation of Penal Code 666.


As to defendant Kelly Anne McGuirk the above charge is filed as a misdemeanor


Kelly McGuirk enters guilty

Kelly McGuirk pleads guilty to Penal Code 666



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