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HOAs not eligible for FEMA assistance with debris removal

Homeowners may not realize that after a storm, privately-owned roads (like those in Edgewater Isle) are not eligible for FEMA disaster relief:

Preliminary hearing date set for Alejandro Canche

Alejandr CancheIn a Redwood City courtroom this morning, Alejandro Canche appeared via video conference at a hearing to set the date for the preliminary hearing in the attempted murders case and the two other cases pending against him.

Defense counsel Steve Teich said that a long-awaited report medical report from Dr Jeffrey Kline is still not in.

After multiple continuances, the preliminary hearing date was finally set for Friday, November 13 at 9:00 a.m. The defense intends to call one witness.

The preliminary hearing is estimated to take 4 hours.

Public disturbance reported 15 mph speed limit at Edgewater Isle

On Sunday, September 20 at 9:12 p.m., a disturbance was reported in the 1500 block of Vista Del Sol regarding a car speeding at approximately 45 mph.

The resident yelled at the driver, and the driver responded that he was going to "end everything."

String of thefts reported at Senior Apartments

The Senior Apartments has reported at least seven thefts recently. Items reported stolen include jewelry and money. Mostly money. All incidents report no forced entry.

Canche attorney apologizes: doctor is “very busy” and going on vacation.

Alejandro Canche's defense attorney Steve Teich appeared in a Redwood City courtroom today in the ongoing attempted murders case at Edgewater Isle. Canche appeared via Zoom video conferencing.

Teich explained that he has been waiting for a doctor's report. (Previous court records show the doctor as Dr Jeffrey Kline.) Just yesterday, Teich received word from that doctor that the report is not done. Teich explained that he had been assured by this doctor that the report would be completed by this date. But after Teich emailed the doctor "a number of times," the doctor finally replied yesterday that he (the doctor) has not completed the report because "he's very busy." And that the doctor "is going on vacation until late September."

Teich continued "I regretfully I have to ask the court to continue until early October, and I apologize to the court, counsel, and Mr Canche, but this report is critical as to how we're going to proceed. I've been assured that the report will be done by then." The People objected: "this has been put over a number of times for this very reason," but that objection appeared to be more for the court record than a bona fide objection.

Back on June 11, Teich said to the court:

"Dr Kline apparently now believes he can now conduct a psychiatric examination of the defendant during the week of June 15"

And back on August 7, Teich said to the court:

"...so we will have all the information in that time ...."

Teich did not say that the report *may not be ready* by September 1, but said that they would have "all of the information" they needed to proceed.

The matter was put over again, this time until October 7 at 9:00 a.m.

Board member using garage for storage

A reader sends in a photo of a garage belonging to a board member of the Edgewater Isle South association. The garage is being used for storage, not for parking a car. The storage of "stuff" is prohibited in the "rules" that are distributed every now and then to all owners.

Not that most people care, but it's another example of a board member who is in charge of enforcing so-called rules not holding herself to the same standard she would hold others too.

Edgewater Isle garage being used for storage instead of parking a car.  This is against the association's rules.


Canche preliminary hearing date held over, again


This morning in a Redwood City courtroom, Alejandro Canche appeared via Zoom video call to set the date for a preliminary hearing in the attempted murders case that occurred at Edgewater Isle in October 2019.

At the hearing, Canche's defense attorney Steve Teich seemed to speak to Canche in a childlike manner. Teich said to Canche: "Yesterday we discussed putting this matter over for three to four weeks until we could receive the report and then set the preliminary hearing. Remember we spoke about that?"

Canche replied "yes."

Teich then said "Okay, so that's what we're gonna do today. We're gonna put it over with your permission 'til September 1, which is three and a-half weeks to set the preliminary hearing so we will have all the information in that time to speak with you. Do you have any questions about that?"

Canche replied "no."

Next hearing is Tuesday, September 1.

Theft reported on Vista Del Sol

On August 2 at 7:19 p.m., a resident in the 1500 block of Vista Del Sol reported a theft: a rummaging through of his vehicle. Resident also reported it on NextDoor:

car break-in at Edgewater Isle

Medical records received in Canche case

San Mateo County Superior Court, who is hearing the Alejandro Canche attempted murder cases, has indicated it has received the medical records that were sought by defense attorney Steve Teich, who had indicated on July 16 that he wanted a doctor to review them prior to setting a date for the preliminary hearing.

The Court indicates the records were received on July 23, so the upcoming hearing on August 7 should allow the preliminary hearing date to finally be set.

Canche preliminary hearing set date continued, again.

In a Redwood City courtroom today, Alejandro Canche appeared for a hearing intended to schedule a date for a preliminary hearing in the attempted murders case. Canche's defense attorney, Steve Teich, was appearing via Zoom, and he did not answer when the case was originally called. The case was passed to the end of the hearings.

When the case was called again, Steve Teich apparently had troubles with the Zoom video conferencing and did not appear. The deputy district attorney said that she spoke with Teich this morning, and that medical records have not been received. Teich had said he needs a doctor to review the records prior setting a date for the preliminary hearing. In what has become almost predictable, the hearing was not set and continued (rescheduled) again to August 7 at 9:00 a.m.

A “suspicious person” responds to the “Karen” who called police

Resident discusses the uncontrolled goose poop, the racist who called the police, the petty board of directors, and living while Black at Edgewater Isle

geese at pond

A resident at Edgewater Isle writes to respond to the story reported here on May 29 about a "Suspicious person reported by pond."

The "suspicious person" is Lea, a resident at Edgewater Isle, and she has some serious things to say about neighbors who call the police on other neighbors. Lea was cleaning up her sidewalk but a resident at Edgewater Isle called the police and said she was "spraying poison."

Subject: "Suspicious person" (aka racial profiling) reported by pond
From: xxxxx xxxxx@gmail.com
Date: Sat, July 11, 2020 4:07 am
To: xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.com

This report below is a prime example of the ongoing issue of racial profiling while living at Edgewater Isle - SMH.

First off I live here - I am not "suspicious". My name is Lea.

Secondly, I am not "spraying poison" - it is water. I am not trying to "kill" any bird nor animal, and this fine display of over-catrophising [sic] is exactly how being criminalized while Black occurs (thank you for giving me another example to tuck away as one of many incidents since the shutdown started, which I will continue to compile as one nice racially motivated harassment file).

What I am doing - which I would've gladly told anyone had they bothered to treat me like a human being and ask instead of racially profile and criminalize me - is adhering to the US Humane Society and US Fish and Wildlife's protocol for managing an overpopulation issue with Canada Geese.

Had you and your fellow residents who are scared of Black people bothered to also read and actually learn about Canada Geese, and how they are negatively impacting the ecology of our community (of which San Mateo City Council is aware and looking into solutions), you would have learned that it's actually strongly encouraged to *scare* (NOT harm or "try to kill"!) the geese away so that they do not get comfortable in areas like the front of my house. For when they do, they will no longer migrate and remain all year around.

A few years ago there were only 10-15 geese tops around my home. This year there's between 27 - 40 trying to crowd into southern areas of the complex weekly. Usually after a good 3 weeks of not being able to settle in, a goose clan will fly away for good to another area that's easier to graze and remain. These geese poop every 12 minutes, and each adult poops up to 2 pounds of feces a day - the growing fledglings poop up to 1 pound of feces per day. People's dogs don't even poop that much.

Likewise, my motivation to start scaring them off stemmed from elders and children getting hissed at by these geese last Fall; canes and walkers of elders covered in goose poop; elders and neighbors complaining about the geese being a nuisance that completely destroys our grass areas - disallowing children and babies to play on the grass, and keeps many residents from being able to walk their dogs down certain paths because of all the feces droppings.

Per it being clear that the above ongoing resident complaints stay being ignored by the board, let's move on to Edgewater Isle's continued deflection with the myth that geese feces are "harmless." Perhaps a new hobby beyond cowardly policing what few Black people live here (it's clear y'all don't want many to reside here), would be to study the toxicology issues connected to Canada Geese feces, while noting that Canada Geese molting season starts at the end of July into August. Once they molt, they cannot fly anywhere and will remain where they are into late Fall.

It only takes 1 goose on a 1-acre pond to imbalance the pond's ecology, which reflects why it's pretty easy to find case precedents and research reflecting how geese contribute to water toxicology issues. E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, fungal spores causing Histoplasmosis, Coccidiosis in dogs from eating geese feces, and Giardia have all been documented to occur in response to exposure to high amounts of geese feces - which you'll get if you multiply 2 lbs of feces by 27 geese a day. And if we all continue to play the game that there's no issue here at all but the "suspicious" "criminal" Black lady writing this, then next year they'll be double the amount of geese around here to be dealt with. *The algae bloom issues in the lagoon are also in part connected to an ongoing increase in geese feces.

So until Edgewater Isle decides to start cleaning sidewalks by the pond and in front of my house weekly in response to the geese, like many of our neighboring complexes do, I'll continue to abide by the US Humane Society and US Fish and Wildlife's protocol, simply because no one deserves to be surrounded by goose crap while on a statewide shutdown, so children have grass to play on, and elders have clean sidewalks to walk on - just like in 2020 no one deserves to be racially profiled while walking in her own neighborhood deterring the geese from making the south area their permanent home.

I remember how petty the folks who live here have always been when my own Mother served as a member of the board. She would suck it up and come home crying after board meetings. I assure you I am not my Mother, and if anyone has any additional racially driven accusations you or they'd like to direct towards me, I can be reached directly at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Please note everything is being documented and recorded.

*And please do continue to call the police in response to Black fear - many departments are finally doing something about this type of racial hate/harassment and fining the Karens and Chads calling 911.


pounding on wallAn early morning disturbance on Via Laguna

In the early morning hours of July 2, at 1:58 a.m., another disturbance was reported on Via Laguna. The reporting party complained of "pounding on the wall and using the vacuum." (Who vacuums at 2:00 in the morning?)

The San Mateo Police Department described the disturbance as an "ongoing issue."

So, Edgewater Isle has an "ongoing issue" frequently resulting in "disturbances" on Via Laguna, where several arrests have been made for domestic violence and neighbors point guns at each other for loud music. And one woman there with multiple arrests complained to the San Mateo Police Department about "harassment" because these events are discussed here.

Sounds like hell.

Another hearing date set for Alejandro Canche

In a Redwood City courtroom this morning, Alejandro Canche appeared (via video) along with his defense attorney, Steve Teich, for a motion to compel production of evidence in Canche's attempted murder case.

The prosecutor representing The State of California did not have objections to the evidence that Teich sought, but that some of it had not been received: in particular, both sides are seeking medical records of the stabbing victims. The judge ruled the motion to compel to be moot and set another hearing to set the preliminary hearing date on July 16.

man reports wife choked him on Via Laguna, San Mateo
“Disturbance” reported on Via Laguna

On June 26, 2020, at 1:31 p.m., San Mateo Police say a man who lives on Via Laguna reported he was in a fight or disturbance with his wife, who had tried to choke him.

The man did not want to press charges and was not at home when he made this call. He was provided the same civil procedure advice as the last time officers spoke with him. No arrests were made.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: There appear to be frequent calls regarding "disturbances" coming from Via Laguna.

Burglary on Vista Del Mar

A resident in the 2100 block of Vista Del Mar reported a burglary early Sunday morning, June 21, 2020, between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

That morning, after the resident went downstairs, they saw that the sliding glass door was open, the house had been ransacked, and money was taken. The resident reported that they weren't positive if they locked their doors and windows. There is no surveillance on the property.

Seniors get deliveries of restaurant meals

Edgewater Isle Senior Apartments residents got a special delivery of a restaurant-quality meal delivered to them during shelter-in-place. Local restaurant Stamp Bistro Bar & Grill in San Carlos has delivered 66 meals, and they have plans to deliver 200 more.

Watch the whole story here.

Edgewater Isle Senior Apartments has meals delivered from a San Carlos restaurant


Canche defense files a motion to compel production of crime scene evidence

Edgewater Isle crime sceneSteve Teich, defense attorney for Alejandro Canche, late yesterday filed a motion to compel certain crime scene items from the San Mateo Police. Teich alleges that the San Mateo Police Department has not provided legally-required items to the defense. The motion states:

Defendant has previously requested photos taken of the crime scenes and evidence in the above entitled case by San Mateo Police Officers XXXXXX and xxxxxxx . Defendant has also repeatedly requested the digitally recorded statements from the three victims in this case: (1) xxxxxxxxxxxx and his girlfriend xxxxxxxx , (2) xxxxxxxxxx , and (3) xxxxxx   recorded by Officer xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx of the San Mateo Police department....

Teich's motion is also requesting "court help" in obtaining the medical records of the three attempted murder victims.

UPDATE: The San Mateo Police Department said in a statement that they have "sent 34 digital recordings to the DA's office between 10/28 – 10/30/2019, and we received one investigative follow-up request on 4/16/2020."

Canche hearing continued, 4th time

ALEJANDRO CANCHEAlejandro Canche appeared via video in a Redwood City courtroom this morning in front of Judge Jeffrey Finigan to set the date for a preliminary hearing in the pending attempted murder case and two other cases charged against him. For the fourth time, the date was not set but continued (postponed) to a later date.

Canche's defense attorney, Steve Teich, said the psychiatrist who would be doing an examination of the defendant has not been able to visit the defendant because of coronavirus in the San Mateo County Jail. The psychiatrist, Dr Jeffrey Kline, was first appointed or contracted back on or around February 5, 2020, over four months ago, before coronavirus was classified as a pandemic on March 11, 2020, and six weeks before San Mateo County issued its shelter-in-place order on March 17, 2020. Dr Kline apparently now believes he can now conduct a psychiatric examination of the defendant during the week of June 15.

Teich also said that he has not been able to get from the San Mateo Police the video statements of the three victims in the attempted murder case, and he would be filing a motion to compel production of these video statements. A hearing for the motion to compel, along with a hearing to set a date for the preliminary hearing, will be held on June 30.

Canche remains in custody at the San Mateo County Jail with bail set at over $10 million.

All developments in this story are logged here.

Several disturbances at Residence Inn

During the week of May 28 - June 3, 2020, at least seven separate disturbances were reported to the San Mateo Police Department from people at the Residence Inn on Winward Way. (The Residence Inn is a part of the Edgewater Isle Commercial Master Association, to which all homeowners also belong. The Commercial Master Association mainly deals with the private road along Winward Way.)

Calls for assistance were made on May 29 (1 call), May 31 (2 calls), and June 2 (4 calls) and included complaints about homeless using the bathrooms, parties in the rooms, damage to a room, groups of people hanging outside, and requested evictions.

Disturbance: drinking and loud music

On May 29 at 11:23 p.m., San Mateo Police responded to a complaint of loud party on a balcony on Vista Del Sol. 15 people were reported standing on a balcony while drinking and playing loud music.

Which raises a question: are these balconies built to withstand 15 people standing on them? A party like this should remind everyone of the Berkeley balcony collapse and the dangers of a large number of people on a balcony.

Some information may be available on the construction defects lawsuits case files.

Highest priced condo back on market

The most expensively priced townhouse at Edgewater Isle was listed for $1,399,000 back in February, nearly $200,000 higher than the highest recorded sales price at Edgewater Isle. It was withdrawn from the market in March.

It has just been relisted for $1,268,000 and HOA dues of $674 per month. Redfin.com shows that the 3-bedroom townhouse at 2116 Vista Del Mar was "temporarily withdrawn from market" but is now back 2½ months later with a new asking price that is still $67,000 higher than the highest recorded selling price within Edgewater Isle, yet $131,000 lower than its initial asking price.

Active sales and prior sales listings of Edgewater Isle are available here.

Suspicious vehicle parked for days

A resident on Vista Del Sol reported on May 26 at 5:22 p.m. that a car with Alberta, Canada, license plates with a 20-something "dark skinned male, mohawk dreads" has been sitting inside vehicle for a few days and just sits there.

Disposition: warned.

Santa Cruz sweatshirtSuspicious persons reported wandering around

A resident on Vista Cay reported on May 26 at 12:59 a.m. that "3 HMAS, one wearing a black Santa Cruz sweatshirt" are wandering around on foot through the complex. No weapons seen. Resident thought it was suspicious because there have been recent burglaries in the area. Police responded but suspects were gone on arrival.

Neighbor harassment

A resident on Vista Del Mar visited the San Mateo Police lobby on May 25 at 11:16 a.m. to report an ongoing neighbor dispute and harassment.

Suspicious person reported by pond

A resident called the San Mateo Police on May 24 at 3:51 p.m. to report a suspicious person, a woman, by the pond on Vista Del Mar and Marina Vista, spraying what the resident thought was poison, and was trying to kill the geese. Reporting party took a picture of the suspicious woman who was gone upon police arrival.

Murder suspect arrested on Winward Way

Last night, San Mateo Police arrested 29-year old San Francisco resident Curtis Green as he left the Residence Inn area on Windward Way and failed to stop at a stop sign. Green was arrested without incident and brought to Alameda County where is is wanted for a murder in Oakland.

Disturbance near park: woman reports being chased

* * * ALERT * * *

On Monday, May 18 at 9:32 a.m., a woman reported to the San Mateo Police Department that a Hispanic man with dark hair, wearing a brown shirt and brown pants who had been sitting on a bench in the park, chased and yelled at her, and he was spitting on the ground near the park. The woman called the police and wanted the man spoken to, but did not request to be called back.

Disposition: no arrests made.

Man threatened with gun on Via Laguna

On Thursday, May 14 at 12:59 p.m., a man on Via Laguna had a disagreement with his neighbor over the neighbor's loud music. The neighbor threatened to get a gun. The man reported the threat to the San Mateo Police Department, who says this incident appears to be part of an ongoing dispute between the two parties. Police provided information on how to obtain a restraining order.

Disposition: San Mateo Police took a report.

Disturbance on Via Laguna STOP

On May 7 at 8:53 p.m., the San Mateo Police report a woman on Via Laguna was arguing about bills with her intoxicated husband when he told her that he was "going to kill her," "threw the washing machine on her," and pinned her down. The woman complained of pain to her arms but declined a medical response. No weapons were reportedly involved.

No arrests were made in this incident, but the report taken has been sent to the district attorney's office for review.

Help is available. The National Domestic Violence Hot line is 1-800-799-7233.

HOA industry fights a moratorium on dues collections during COVID-19

The HOA lobby group, Community Associations Institute (CAI), is campaigning to remove HOA debt collections from a list of prohibited activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. CAI has created a website with a form letter for their members to email to their federal representatives. Edgewater Isle homeowners may not know this, but they pay for Mai's lobbying efforts through membership in ECHO. In other words, homeowners are paying for lobbying that is against their best interest.

In typical fashion, the HOA industry puts itself above the actual, real-life interest of homeowners. While it is an owner's interest to have their association maintained, it is not in an owner's interest to deal with HOA collections, and potentially foreclosure (which Edgewater Isle has done), while unemployed, on furlough, or seeing income drastically reduced. It is arrogant and self-important that CAI and homeowners associations think that they should be exempt from the same financial difficulties everyone else is facing.

The form letter on their website [archive] allows for a user to customize the text:

I am writing to strongly oppose legislation like H.R. 6423 and S. 3565 that impose a national moratorium on debt collection during the COVID-19 national emergency.

This legislation is too broad and will harm the financial interests of households in homeowners associations, condominium associations, and housing cooperatives (collectively, community associations).

Community associations rely on homeowner assessments to fund essential services that were previously provided by local municipalities; like trash removal, critical infrastructure maintenance, and utilities, including electricity, water, wastewater, and heating and cooling.

Essential services must not be halted, particularly not in an emergency where residents are required to be home and association expenses have risen due to increased sanitation and other measures to limit the spread of the novel corona-virus.

When one homeowner is unable to pay assessments, these costs are passed to other homeowners in the community. This increases housing costs, spreading financial distress to other community households.

Community associations are working with homeowners suffering from the economic impact of the COVID-19 national emergency. A recent survey by Community Associations Institute indicated a 20 percent increase in requests for forbearance or payment plans by homeowners who are unable to pay assessments. Beyond this goodwill, community associations are subject to state laws that require payment plans for delinquent assessments.

I ask that you oppose extreme legislation like H.R. 6423 and S. 3563. Thank you for considering my views and I look forward to your reply.

Stolen truck found

The Edgewater Isle resident who reported a stolen truck last week says that the Oakland Police Department found the truck abandoned. The truck was partially disassembled, the catalytic converter was stolen, as were and tools and other belongings. The thief had also twice attempted to use credit cards.

Truck stolen

A resident reported their truck was stolen from their parking spot overnight on Via Vista at Edgewater Isle. The resident reported the truck had been parked there for over two years, but only stolen last night.

Car thefts are apparently up nationwide as the country endures a shelter-in-place during this pandemic.

truck reported stolen at Edgewater Isle

Canche hearing delayed, again

For the third time now, the setting a hearing date for Alejandro Canche was delayed again. In a Redwood City courtroom today, the date to set the preliminary hearing was again continued to Thursday, June 11, 2020.

Mulch where a tree was

In December, a tree in the North Association uprooted and tipped over during winds. Now, two months later, the Edgewater Isle North Association has covered the spot with mulch, ripped out some of the ivy, and called it a day. No replacement tree, not even a shrub. This is part of an established pattern of failing to replace trees at Edgewater Isle.

The (missing) tree today:

Edgewater Isle did not replace tree that fell over

The tree before tipping over:

Google Maps screenshot shows where tree had been

Record-high asking price at Edgewater Isle

This unit was withdrawn from the market and listing removed on March 17, 2020. (archive link)

A 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse has just come on the market, along with a record-high asking price of $1,399,000. The just-listed 2116 Vista Del Mar (South association) asking price is more than 16% over the last highest sales price at Edgewater Isle. 1652 Via Laguna (North association), also a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse, sold last August for $1,200,880.

Described as:

"tastefully updated end unit townhome in desirable Edgewater Isle South! Ready for the fussiest buyer to enjoy this immaculate home and resort style community."

Townhouse for sale at Edgewater Isle

Psychiatrist un-appointed

On Tuesday, in the case against Alejandro Canche for the multiple stabbings at Edgewater Isle, a judge filed a new order vacating the court-appointed psychiatrist for Alejandro Canche.

Defense attorney Steve Teich had filed a a motion for a court-ordered psychiatrist, requesting one of three doctors: Dr Rami Mogannam (identified in court filings as a clinical forensic psychologist), Dr Doug Korpi, or Dr Jeff Kline to:

...provide the defense with information needed so that the instant attorney [Teich] can be advised whether to enter a plea of insanity or present a defense based on his [Canche's] mental emotional condition.

Teich further says:

Defendant is indigent. He qualified for the County Defender. His family was able to put funds together to hire private counsel but could not afford to hire a psychotherapist to advise counsel.

The court order of February 11, 2020, vacates the court order filed on February 7, 2020. The new court order states that the Defendant should contact the Private Defender Panel to have them provide ancillary services to obtain and pay for such a doctor.

Psychiatrist appointed

At a hearing today in Redwood City, a court-appointed doctor was ordered to examine Alejandro Canche in accordance with California Evidence Code §§1017(a), EC 730, regarding the three violent stabbings on October 28 charged against Canche.

During the next hearing on Wednesday, April 8, a twice-delayed preliminary hearing may finally be set. Cache remains in custody on $10,075,000 bail for his three pending cases.

Bail Set at $10 Million for Canche

Today in a Redwood City courtroom, Judge Jeffrey Finigan set bail at $10 million for Alejandro Canche, who was accused of a stabbing spree at Edgewater Isle last October. Canche has been held without bail since October 28, but today Judge Finigan said he believes that this not a case that continues to merit a no bail hold as allowed under the California constitution.

Also during today's hearing, Steve Teich, the defense attorney for Canche, filed a declaration under seal, as he had hinted about in the last hearing on January 8. Teich's motion asks for the court to pay for a psychiatrist for Canche in some manner: details are unclear as his motion is under seal.

The next hearing is scheduled for February 5.

Reader writes about Nick Pargett

A reader wrote us about the former Edgewater Isle Master Association vendor Pargett Association Management's owner, Nick Pargett.

The reader said:

“Thought you'd like to know Nick Pargett works at the Lowe's in Redding CA, where he makes life hell for co-workers and customers alike.”

Which is really interesting, because when Pargett was at Edgewater Isle, he spread the same brand of magic here, too. And also over at Galway HOA. Oh, and this one over on Yelp. Until one day when Nick Pargett quit the association management business.

So, if any Edgewater Isle homeowners are up in Redding, stop by the Lowe's up there and say “hello” from Edgewater Isle to Nick.

Canche pleads not guilty

Today in a Redwood City courtroom, Alejandro Canche's defense attorney, Steve Teich, entered not guilty pleas in the three violent cases pending against Canche, including the stabbings at Edgewater Isle. Teich also requested to have an ex-parte matter heard, but the deputy district attorney objected and the judge denied it, saying that's not how we do things here. Teich appeared to say that he'd make his application outside of this hearing.

On January 22 at 9:00 a.m., Canche is scheduled for a further hearing in Redwood City to set a date for a preliminary hearing.

Cousin says Canche “hearing voices”

Angela Lopez, who identifies herself as Alejandro Canche's cousin, said in an online posting:

He is currently fighting a case for attempted murder and yes this sounds very bad but he is truly a good kid. He started in September to act mentally ill, hearing voices etc.

Lopez made these claims in a campaign that she established on GoFundMe for Alejandro Canche's defense in the stabbings that occurred in San Mateo on October 28.

Entire construction defects lawsuits case files online

In the 1990s, the Edgewater Isle South Association first, and then the Edgewater Isle North Association, second, filed construction defects lawsuits against the now-defunct builder of the associations and multiple defendants, including landscapers, painters, etc. These lawsuits went on for several years, and each association used multiple attorneys to represent them throughout each case.

The South association filed their initial complaint on December 9, 1991, and the North filed their initial complaint on July 27, 1994. Each lawsuit settled before trial, and each association received a settlement which was then used on reconstruction of various structural problems at each association.

Homeowners were asked to complete surveys asking for information on the perceived defects in their condos. Those surveys were the basis for many of the filings in the lawsuits.

For the first time on edgewaterisle.com, the entire case file of each of these lawsuits is available here. These cases were large, filling bankers boxes with case filings. Each lawsuit is broken up into multiple volumes (file folders), and filings are in reverse chronological order within each file. The total page count on each lawsuit is in the thousands.

Readers can now review the North association lawsuit (total 2,650 pages) and the South association lawsuit (total 1,417 pages) here.

Questions about which defects were fixed and which defects were not fixed should be addressed to the respective association.

Canche plea delayed for 4th time

Alejandro Canche's plea to the multiple stabbings at Edgewater Isle on October 28 was delayed yesterday for the fourth time. Canche's new defense attorney, Steve Teich, said the defense will revolve around a "mental health" issue. Teich wanted the opportunity to review "voluminous" records, and he was "unaware of the other cases" and had not seen the complaint "on the last one" (it's only 2 pages), which seemed to be a more of a stall for time than a true statement.

Hearing rescheduled to January 8. Canche remains held without bail at the San Mateo County jail.

Huge tree falls over, has been neglected for years

A large tree toppled over last night in the North Association in front of a townhouse in Building 25. The eucalyptus tree, which looked to be over 25' high before it fell, appeared to have uprooted as it lay toppled over the bike path.

large tree falls over bike path at Edgewater Isle

large tree falls over bike path at Edgewater Isle

location at Edgewater Isle where tree fell over

Google Maps shows this tree has been leaning for over 10 years

A screenshot from Google Maps today shows that this tree has been leaning at an approximately 45° angle since August 2009 (see lower right corner of image).

Google Maps showing of tree before it fell

Canche plea delayed again; 3rd case also filed

Multiple stabbings suspect Alejandro Canche appeared in a Redwood City courtroom today to enter a plea on two cases currently pending. Instead of entering a plea, Canche substituted his public defender for a new defense attorney, and he was also hit with a third case of violence.

Today, a THIRD case was filed against Canche, a violation of Penal Code § 69(a):

Every person who attempts, by means of any threat or violence, to deter or prevent an executive officer from performing any duty imposed upon the officer by law, or who knowingly resists, by the use of force or violence, the officer, in the performance of his or her duty, is punishable by a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170, or in a county jail not exceeding one year, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

The new complaint filed against Canche shows that on November 6, 2019, while in custody for the assaults at Edgewater Isle, Canche assaulted "by means of force or violence" an officer in the performance of his duty. Canche's behavior was alluded to in the story below dated November 6, 2019, discussing that court appearance. Bail was set at $25,000 for this third case.

Canche now has three violent cases filed against him in one month. He remains in custody in the San Mateo County jail on a "no bail" hold because of the three stabbings on October 28.

The next hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, December 18.

Homeless encampment encroaches into park

On Friday, November 8 at approximately 5:20 p.m., two Edgewater Isle residents were walking near the park (in the North) when two male suspects approached them and “started rambling on.” The residents complained to the responding San Mateo Police officer of a homeless encampment under the overpass.

The officer dispatched discovered a vehicle associated with the subjects that was unoccupied and had suspended registration. The officer had the car towed and ordered the person to not stay under the bridge.

Canche hearing continued, again.

Alejandro Canche appeared in a Redwood City courtroom today, and his private defender Francoise Espinoza asked the court to delay Canche's plea in the stabbing case that occurred (in part) at Edgewater Isle. Espinoza asked the court to hold over Canche's plea until a hearing on December 10.

That hearing will be combined with another hearing that was already scheduled in Canche's prior case.

All prior orders remain in effect: the defendant is held in custody, no contact orders (against witnesses and victims), and no bail.

Alejandro Canche charged with attempted murder of two people at Edgewater IsleCanche hearing continued

Alejandro Canche briefly appeared in court today to enter a plea in the multiple attempted murder charges facing him, but before his hearing could take place, he was removed from the courtroom holding cell and transported back to the county jail. A deputy said that Canche was “hitting his head against the wall” and was “trying to start a fight with another inmate.”

Francoise Espinoza, a Redwood City defense attorney appointed to represent Hernandez through San Mateo County's Private Defender Program, requested to the judge that Canche's two pending criminal cases be combined. Canche's hearing was rescheduled for tomorrow to enter a plea. Canche continues to beheld without bail at the San Mateo County Jail, but was granted $50,000 bail for his previous case, and his status of “OR” (“own recognizance” ) was revoked because of his most recent case.

Landscaper alleges that Edgewater Isle North has not paid invoices

Invoices in Dispute
Invoice Number Invoice Date Amount Due
312761 7/31/2018 $3,475.00
40338 7/31/2018 $407.22
41278 10/29/2018 $225.00
42366 1/1/2019 $1,927.00
Total $6,034.22

Edgewater Isle North HOA's former landscaper, Del Conte Landscaping, Inc., is alleging that the association has unpaid landscaping invoices totaling $6,034 reaching back to July 31, 2018. Del Conte Landscaping is warning they will put the association's account into a collection agency or pursue the disputed amount in small claims court if the outstanding invoices are not resolved by November 8, 2019.

In an email, Del Conte Landscaping CFO Amy Pacheco alleges that “we have made several attempts to collect the attached delinquent invoices for our landscaping services, but have not heard back from a representative for the homeowners association.” Further, the landscaper states that they will be “charging late fees, accruing back as far as 2018....”

Asked to comment, Edgewater Isle North HOA representative Dillon Graber of FirstService Residential disputed the allegations.

See more about the Association's response and the invoices that are alleged to be past due.

No bail for Alejandro Canche

Alejandro Canche was ordered held without bail at a hearing this afternoon in San Mateo County Superior Court in Redwood City. Canche was charged with 2 felony counts (along with enhancements for each) for each of the 3 male victims, or 6 felonies in total.

Further, a “no contact order” was filed and a private defender appointed. The next hearing date is November 6, 2019, when it is anticipated he will enter a plea.

Canche committed this crime while having been released “on bail or his own recognizance” for a similar prior crime. That was added as an enhancement in the most recent case.

Special allegation while on bail or own recognizance

Alejandro Canche's previous stabbing case

Before Alejandro Canche was arrested at Edgewater Isle on Monday night, he was arrested by the East Palo Alto Police Department on October 2, 2019, and subsequently charged with two counts currently pending in San Mateo County Superior Court for violations of Penal Code §417.8 and §69, attempting to resist arrest by drawing a knife on a police officer.

Canche pleaded “not guilty” to these charges and was released “on bail or his own recognizance.” The next hearing in this case is scheduled for December 2, 2019.

One unanswered question: what was the East Palo Alto Police Department attempting to arrest Canche for?

Alejandro Canche arrested after random stabbings

San Mateo Police provided additional details on last night's stabbings at Edgewater Isle. The number of victims was changed from four to three.

In what apparently began as family dispute last night, the suspect Alejandro Canche stabbed his cousin's boyfriend in the neck at the nearby BJ's Restaurant before he took off on foot to Edgewater Isle, where he randomly stabbed two additional victims along the bike path before running into the lagoon where he was captured by police.

Alejandro Canche, 19, of East Palo Alto, has been charged with Penal Code §664/187(a) (attempted murder) and §PC 245(a)(1) (assault and battery), both felonies. He is being held without bail in Redwood City and has his first court appearance tomorrow, October 30.

In 2005 in an unrelated case, a suspect previously fled police and drowned in the lagoon attempting to escape.

Suspect Alejandro Canche arrested for stabbings at Edgewater Isle

Suspect in custody after 4 people stabbed

In what was called a “major police department response,” the San Mateo Police Department, with a mutual aid assist by the Foster City Police, responded to a stabbing assault that began at nearby BJ's Restaurant and then continued as the suspect fled along the bike path near 2143 Vista Del Mar at Edgewater Isle at 7:58 p.m. this evening.

Police sources say that 4 people were involved in the stabbing assault by the suspect, and all victims have non-life-threatening injuries.

The suspect has been arrested on attempted homicide charges, with more charges potentially being added as the investigation continues.

Residents in the area first reported on social media that they saw a large police response speeding by as citizens tried to piece together what was going on. Citizens were first to report (using the "Citizen" app) that the incident was a stabbing.

NBCBay Area also reported on the incident, and SFGate ran a story.

San Mateo Police tend to a victim after stabbing assaults at Edgewater Isle after stabbing along Vista Del Mar

San Mateo Police department responds to stabbing assaults at Edgewater Isle on Vista Del Mar

Loud music disturbance     🎶 🎸 🎶 🥁 🎶

A resident on Vista Del Sol reported loud music and stomping coming from the condo above on Saturday, October 26, at 11:03 p.m. San Mateo Police responded and warned the partiers.

First billion dollar listing at Edgewater Isle

Property values must have increased astronomically overnight, because here we have our first billion-dollar listing at Edgewater Isle. The asking price went from $1,095,000 to $1,049,333,000. No typo.

In what was apparently an effort to lower the asking price on this townhouse, realtor Kimberly Birdsall of BBI Real Estate made it a billion-dollar listing.

UPDATE: The asking price was changed again 3 hours later. This time to $1,049,000.

1917 Vista Cay sales listing

Spousal battery reported

On September 14, a resident in the 1700 block of Vista Del Sol reported that her husband pushed her down in front of four children. The San Mateo Police Department wrote a spousal battery report under California Penal Code §243(e)1 and have forwarded it to the district attorney.

California Penal Code §243(e)1
When battery is committed against a spouse, a person with whom the defendant is cohabiting, a person who is the parent of the defendant’s child, former spouse, fiancé, or fiancée, or a person with whom the defendant currently has, or has previously had, a dating or engagement relationship, the battery is punishable by a fine not exceeding two thousand dollars ($2,000), or by imprisonment in a county jail for a period of not more than one year, or by both that fine and imprisonment. If probation is granted, or the execution or imposition of the sentence is suspended, it shall be a condition thereof that the defendant participate in, for no less than one year, and successfully complete, a batterer’s treatment program, as described in Section 1203.097, or if none is available, another appropriate counseling program designated by the court. However, this provision shall not be construed as requiring a city, a county, or a city and county to provide a new program or higher level of service as contemplated by Section 6 of Article XIII B of the California Constitution.

UPDATED: Burglary reported

On September 8 at 11:44 a.m., a resident reported an incident which the San Mateo Police Department initially classified as a burglary.

The posting here that reflected this incident read as follows:

September 9, 2019

On September 8 at 11:44 a.m., a resident reported a burglary on Vista Del Mar that occurred “sometime last [the previous] night.” Resident does not know how suspect entered. No arrest made. Report taken by San Mateo Police Department.

But on September 10, the San Mateo Police Department provided further information. This incident, which occurred in the 2200 block of Vista Del Mar, did not fall under any criminal code, and therefore it was written as a "suspicious circumstances" and was misclassified by the San Mateo Police dispatch department as a burglary. Instead, what actually happened: the resident (or complainant) — an 80-year-old woman — misplaced her book.

Dock shows neglect

A reader on nextdoor.com wrote today about a hole on the dock maintained by the Edgewater Isle Master Association. The reader reported that he and his 1-year old son “fell through an open hole in the dock” and attached photos that clearly show a hole in a board on the dock.

The Edgewater Isle Master Association has responsibility for the maintenance of this dock, and it is a line item in its yearly budget. The most recent Edgewater Isle Master Homeowners Association Reserve Study, by SMA Reserves dated November 13, 2018, showed that the dock and the gangway had "zero" remaining life left. So the Association knew this dock was at the end of its useful life.

On page 5:

37 Boat Dock/Gangway $41,112
38 Boat Dock Repair $2,228

Broken dock at Edgewater Isle

The Edgewater Isle Master Association through Common Interest Management Services failed to responded to both an email requesting for comment and a tweet.

Fight over parking

A woman on Via Vista reported yesterday at 12:44 p.m., that a second woman (described as white female adult wearing a white shirt) was yelling at her over a parking dispute and tried to grab her cell phone through her car window. The suspect woman was reported in a white Volvo. No arrest made.

Smoking violation reported

At 12:54 p.m. yesterday, a resident reported a white adult female wearing a black shirt and white capris was smoking near a residential building on Vista Del Sol. Suspect was gone on (police) arrival.

In the City of San Mateo, smoking is prohibited in multi-unit housing. This ordinance went into effect in 2015. See City of San Mateo Municipal Code §7.40.050 for more information.


Disturbance at North pool

Early Sunday morning, a resident reported two people in a verbal altercation at the North pool. One person threatened to throw a lawn chair at the other, but ultimately did not throw it. One party was described as wearing a light blue shirt and black shorts. Weapons: unknown.

Burglaries reported

Two burglaries were recently reported to the San Mateo Police.

(1) On August 5, a resident on Vista Cay reported that a brown Buick Enclave had been burglarized overnight. No damage to vehicle. No suspects.

(2) On August 7, the daughter of a Edgewater Isle Senior Apartments resident reported that her father had been burglarized in May when he was on vacation. This incident is still under active investigation. Reporting party also states that two other apartments had been burglarized this summer.

With the reporting of at least 3 burglaries in the Edgewater Isle Senior Apartments, shouldn't its management be looking carefully at the comings and goings of people into the building? The Edgewater Isle Senior Apartments complex is owned by HIP Housing.

Disturbance reported

A resident reported a disturbance on Vista Del Mar on July 23 at 10:35 p.m. where a male was yelling at a female. No arrest made.

San Mateo Police publish “Scam Alert” web page

The San Mateo Police Department today published a new web page titled "Scams" with information on how to spot a scam and how to report them.


Snake sighting reported

A resident reported seeing a snake in front of her front door yesterday morning. The snake was determined to be a garter snake. Garter snakes are prevalent in this area and are not known as a "dangerous" snake (i.e., one whose bite can kill a person), but can still bite. Garter snakes been sighted out in the iceplant along the lagoon, too.

Snake sighting at Edgewater Isle

Another disturbance reported

San Mateo Police reportsOn June 29 at 7:08 p.m., a resident on Vista Del Sol in Edgewater Isle reported two subjects,a man and a woman, talking and smoking loudly by "the dumpster." Subjects were gone by the time the police arrived.

Disturbance reported

On June 23 at 12:17 a.m. (very early Sunday morning), a resident on Vista Del Sol reported to the San Mateo Police Department that she could hear a man and woman screaming at each other. The police were unable to locate those involved in the dispute.

Traffic program will impact Edgewater Isle

A traffic project within Foster City will potentially impact residents traveling to or from Edgewater Isle. The project began yesterday and will run through November 2019.

Recycling hog fills recycling bins

A reader sends word of a resident who is hogging the recycling dumpsters at Edgewater Isle. Common courtesy would have us break down large boxes that fill the recycling dumpsters (the rules probably say that too), but this resident apparently frequently leaves very large boxes intact in the dumpsters, forcing other residents to go farther to leave their recyclables.

Recycling bins at Edgewater Isle are full  trash label

Edgewater Isle gets a bad review on Yelp

Carl writes on Yelp.com that:

Worst place ever! Management is terrible and they don't let you park on the street. They should be worried about thieves breaking into cars, and not bothering residents about parking. Common Interest Management Services people are very rude, including BBueno, the community manager - terrible customer service.

Seems like the Master Board needs to work with Community Management Services, the Master Association's management company, on customer service. Carl L. and Rick B. both agree.

Edgewater Isle gets a poor review on  Yelp.com


Don't leave important possessions in cars overnight

Residents at Edgewater Isle and throughout San Mateo have reported to the San Mateo Police Department an uptick in car burglaries. According to a San Mateo Daily Journal article on the subject, "San Mateo is experiencing an uptick in auto burglaries at known hot spots on the east side of the city, including South Norfolk Street and North Bayshore Boulevard, according to police."

Residents and visitors continue to be advised to remove all valuables left in cars overnight.

Another car break-in reported

Another car break-in was reported at Edgewater Isle via an email from an angry homeowner. The homeowner sent us an email detailing their frustrations with the Board of Directors at Edgewater Isle and the frustration of another car burglary:

Subject: Vehicle Break In
From: redacted@redacted.com
Date: Thu, April 25, 2019 10:34 am
To: "redacted@edgewaterisle.com"

Good Morning,

Last night between 2:30am and 3:30am my friends truck was broken into. The thief’s stole close to $5000 dollars worth of power tools and other work related items that had high value. The thief’s has spent a considerable amount of time rummaging through the truck, at least 20min or so, due to the condition the truck was in before they were scared off, and the items they were able to remove from the truck itself. A police report was taken. Being the dollar amount taken, is a felony offense.  The crime took place on Vista Del Mar/Vista Cay, directly in front of a large flood light. The vehicle was described as a gray older model 4 sedan. There were two individuals both dressed in all black, both with hoodies pulled up over there heads to where their eyes were the only thing showing . 

Not only is it unsettling the Edgewater Community becoming an increasingly popular target for these low life thugs, but how blatant and arrogant their being in the process, which has consistently been on the rise sense I bought my place 10 years ago. 

Call me crazy, but increase break in anywhere, would be my first clue to, oh I don’t know, maybe INCREASE SECURITY!! Maybe start implementing things that would detour criminals from targeting our community? Something as simple as purchasing 2 $100 cameras and installing them at the two only entrances coming and leaving the complex? Some sort of community watch where residence can volunteer their time, reporting anything suspicious person/persons to SMPD. There are many very simple solutions to detour what has now become a serious threat to our community, and most importantly the lives of the residence who live here. 

My hope is for our board members to recognize their roles that being to protect and provide whats best for our community and the residence who live here. The constant power struggle between members has been an ongoing problem for as long as I can remember.  Little advise, NO ONE CARES! When it starts to affect implementing security measures that will provide better security for the people you were hired to serve? And a “who has a bigger sword” type mentality is more important?  I have a huge issue with. You are working for the member who voted you in. This isn’t some contest . Know your roles and start acting like the grown adult you all are.  We as a community are YOUR boss. There should be no power struggle. 

Thank you. 

Anyone with info leading to the arrest of the street thugs coming into our community would be appreciated.

car burglary at Edgewater Isle

Car stolen from Edgewater Isle

A car was reported stolen from a garage on Via Vista on Saturday night at about 10:30 p.m. Reporting party said that the car was parked in the garage, the garage door was open, and that the reporting party had both keys to the car.

South proposes draconian amendment


The Edgewater Isle South Association sent out a mailing to owners with the Board's proposed updates to their 30-years-old CC & Rs and 20-years-old Bylaws.

Owners have been asked to approve a new article that would give the City of San Mateo “police power” over unspecified matters of the Association. This broad and undefined proposed amendment has potential to drag homeowners into a battle with the City of San Mateo over as-of-yet undefined matters and would leave the homeowner on the hook for the City's attorney fees.

Such a proposed amendment is only in the association attorneys' benefit (including Berding and Weil) as association attorneys have no incentive to resolve disputes while having every reason to prolong them (money).

All homeowners should reject the proposal as it is just another (potential) grab of homeowners' equity and in no way benefits owners, just the Association lawyers.


As an aside, why do the Edgewater Isle South Association and/or their attorneys Berding & Weil LLP believe that a “copyright” and a “no part of this document may be reproduced” clause is appropriate for a matter of public interest?

City of San Mateo to implement smoking ban

No SmokingThe City of San Mateo is working on new anti-smoking restrictions that would apply to all multi-family dwellings, including the townhouse or condo style housing units at Edgewater Isle.

The City Council has asked staff to return to the Council on August 20 with a proposed ordinance that would include banning cigarette smoke in all multi-family dwellings, as well as other public areas.

Belmont and Foster City have already implemented similar restrictions.

Read the San Mateo Daily Journal's article for further information.

Is North deliberately misleading owners?

A homeowner reports that, in their June dues statement, was a copy of the April newsletter which was previously sent out in, well, April. This homeowner reports they have now received 2 copies of the April newsletter, but interestingly, zero copies of the June newsletter, which, we say, was written to disguise the North Association's appointment of a convicted felon back on the board of directors.

Why on earth would Community Management Services send an April newsletter in June? Were extra April newsletters just sitting around? We have to wonder how many other homeowners received something other than the June newsletter and why the North association is hiding just who is on the board.

Insurance broker may be charging for documents illegally

Homeowners should check the legality of insurance brokers charging for HOA insurance documents

Insurance verification is often needed to either secure or refinance a loan. When homeowners request an insurance verification from the association's insurance broker, the broker has already been paid a commission and by law is not allowed to charge any more fees.

But that doesn't mean they don't. According to the California Insurance Code § 2189.3, broker fees are legal only in a very few situations, and include:

  • The broker is not an appointed agent of the insurer with which the coverage is or will be placed.

  • The broker provides the consumer with the Standard Broker Fee Disclosure set forth as Appendix A to this Article.

  • The consumer and broker sign a broker fee agreement that includes at minimum, and does not conflict with, the Standard Broker Fee Agreement set forth as Appendix B to this Article.

  • The broker discloses, concurrent with the conveyance of an initial premium quotation, the fact that a broker fee may be charged.

The Edgewater Isle South Association’s insurance broker, Socher Insurance (who lists itself as "California's Leader in HOA Insurance" on their website) uses a third-party website, EOI Direct, which requires homeowners to complete a web form about their property and lender information. Once the form is completed, it requires the homeowner to submit a $55-63 fee. After the fee is paid, the EOI Direct system submits the information to the lender. So, the homeowner inputs and process the entire transaction themselves, and is then $55-63 fee for doing so. There doesn't seem to be any actual need for any human to do any work or any postage or copying costs, so how is this $55-63 charge justified?

As started Section 2189.3 , the broker must comply with all items above to be able to charge a broker fee and must disclose this fee prior to providing a quotation for the associations insurance. This means the broker cannot be directly representing the insurance company, that a broker fee is disclosure is provided, and this must all be done before the insurance is placed every year. If it was disclosed, did the HOA board of directors agree to having the homeowner pay $55-63 and perhaps not disclose this to the homeowners? Chances are, this is against California Insurance Code. On top of that, the homeowners do all the work to generate this document which electronically transmits this to the lender and the agency gets the fee.

EOI Direct: charging owners for insurance documents

If you feel you have been wrongfully charged (and this is likely if you paid the $55-63), you may file a complaint by going to the California Department of Insurance and completing a complaint form.

We welcome the Association's or Socher Insurance Agency's response or rebuttal.

Getting association documents

In today's recurring "Associations" column in the Los Angeles Times, an owner writes:

"Our board and management are highly skilled at circumventing laws by using delay tactics for owner requests. Our association's accounting consists of nothing more than unverifiable summaries presented as fact. Management even announced they shredded everything before 2006 per board instructions; management and directors boast of attending seminars where they're taught these tricks."

The answer includes the following:

"Worse, there is no per se liability for an association that fails to maintain and retain records created prior to Jan.1, 2006, as required by in Civil Code section 5210(a)."

This is why it is critically important for all homeowners to save every document the association mails to owners. The Association may not be keeping their own documents, and if you don't have them, who will?

Read the entire article.


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Posner's five convictions in San Mateo County run from 1992 - 2007. It was between criminal convictions in 2006 that she was issued the first restraining order against her from a next-door neighbor. The facts are here.

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