Senior Apartments employee continues to smoke on premises

Homeowners send letter to HIP Housing and County

Edgewater Isle Senior Apartments employee smokes by signHomeowners at Edgewater Isle have sent a letter to HIP Housing, the owner of the Edgewater Isle Senior Apartments, and to the Housing Authority of San Mateo County about the HIP Housing employee who smokes on premises, in clear violation of San Mateo City Ordinance. The letter was copied to the Edgewater Isle North and Edgewater Isle Master associations, whose responsibility it should be for following up on the violation and for working with HIP Housing to resolve this problem.

This employee was photographed last summer smoking on premises. In a story posted on last August, witnesses said that the man flicked lit cigarette butts in the area.

The City of San Mateo has a No Smoking ordinance, 7.40.050, which reads in part:

(a) Smoking is prohibited inside any multi-unit residence and within 40 feet of a multi-unit residence.
(b) Smoking is prohibited within any enclosed and un-enclosed multi-unit residence common area.

You can read the full ordinance on the City's website.

Owner letter to HIP Housing

Senior Center employee smoking in violation of ordinance

A reader tell us of an employee of the senior apartments who is smoking throught out the Edgewater Isle Senior Apartments. This employee has been asked to not smoke in the area, but he continues to smoke and throws lit butts in the area.

The City of San Mateo has a smoking ordinance. It specifically says that "Inside Multi-unit Residences, including balconies, common areas, and within 40 feet of the building" (emphasis added).

It seems this worker is violating it. HIP Housing should take responsibility for this.

Edgewater Isle Senior Apartments employee smokes by sign

Seniors get deliveries of restaurant meals

Edgewater Isle Senior Apartments residents got a special delivery of a restaurant-quality meal delivered to them during shelter-in-place. Local restaurant Stamp Bistro Bar & Grill in San Carlos has delivered 66 meals, and they have plans to deliver 200 more.

Watch the whole story here.

Edgewater Isle Senior Apartments has meals delivered from a San Carlos restaurant

Edgewater Isle Senior Apartments Hosts Event

The group 70 Strong is holding two upcoming events at the Edgewater Isle Senior Apartments. On January 9 and January 23, the group will host “Meet a 70 Strong Community Navigator” from 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. on each of those days. Learn about free and low-cost activities and services for older adults in San Mateo County.

Senior Apartments Remodeling

The owner of the Senior Apartments, HIP Housing, has notified homeowners that they are planning some remodeling to the 3 buildings in the Senior Apartments complex.

Plans include a new office and new solar panels.

A meeting will be held tomorrow, June 4, for homeowners' input. Read the mailer to see all details.


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