Edgewater Isle South board member candidates Jane Fraser and Barbara Finnegan completed board candidate questionnaires with minimal effort. One candidate uses childlike sentences, and another does a cut-and-paste from one year to the next.

Jane Fraser exhibits minimal effort

Talk about phoning it in. Jane Fraser wants to be re-elected to the South board of directors, so Jane fills out form. Jane is brief. Look at this:

Jane Fraser's ridiculous candidacy statement

What about "good business background?" Is Jane saying that she has a "good business background?" These three words are not a complete sentence, and if Jane really did have a "good business background," she would know that a complete sentence includes a noun and a verb. Readers are left to infer who exactly has a "good business background," but since this is Jane's candidacy form, we'll assume she's trying to say that she has a "good business background." Perhaps she does, but this attempt at a sentence really leaves us wondering, "how good are her communications skills?"

Barbara Finnegan uses “cut and paste”

Barbara Finnegan barely changes her candidate statement from year to year. Including repeating the same typographical errors.

2004 candidate statement

Barbara Finnegan candidate letter 2010

2008 candidate statement

Barbara Finnegan candidate letter 2008

2010 candidate statement

Barbara Finnegan candidate letter 2010

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Moxi Posner's Criminal Past

Moxi Posner, also known as Lois Posner, has been very active within the Edgewater Isle community for years. She has been an outspoken advocate for her own various causes, and has appeared in at least two local newspaper articles.

While describing herself as a "homeowner and realtor advocate," Posner has a more colorful background: Posner has 5 criminal convictions for theft, 2 restraining orders against her, and this event that was previously discussed here.

Posner's five convictions in San Mateo County run from 1992 - 2007. It was between criminal convictions in 2006 that she was issued the first restraining order against her from a next-door neighbor. The facts are here.

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