Edgewater Isle townhouses and condos originally were built in the mid-1980s, and the first recorded sale is 1984. Since then, there have been a number of townhouses and condos that have fallen to foreclosure. Most by the mortgage holder (bank) but a few by the Edgewater Isle HOAs.

1413 Via Vista

Public records show a tax lien has been filed for 2006.

1469 Via Vista

Notice of Trustee's Sale filed on July 22, 2016, by Edgewater Isle North Homeowners Association for unpaid dues and junk fees totaling $12,175.53. Published in the San Francisco Examiner on July 28, 2016, page A30.

The association also pursued small claims collection for the same debt.

1514 Vista Del Sol

Notice of Trustee's Sale for $792,718. Public records also show that property taxes were not been paid for tax year 2008. Public records show this property last sold on April 21, 2005 for $675,000. Edgewater Isle North Homeowners Association has also begun foreclosure proceedings.

1601 Via Laguna

Notice of Trustee's Sale first published in January 2008. Sold in April 2008 for well under asking price.

1602 Via Laguna

This property has been scheduled for trustee's sale. Public records show that property taxes have not been paid for tax year 2007. Public records show this property last sold on September 30, 1998, for $195,000.

Notice of default recorded on October 22, 2008. Auction date has been set for May 29, 2009.

1605 Via Laguna

Edgewater Isle moved to foreclose on the condo at 1605 Via Laguna for unpaid dues.

1609 Via Laguna

Sold for $63,999 under asking price in April 2008. Has 2006 tax lien.

1666 Via Laguna

Notice of Trustee's Sale for 1666 Via Laguna.

1905 Vista Cay

Notice of Default issued April 23, 2009. This property was listed for sale for over 2 years. One prior sale fell through. Edgewater Isle North association has also begun foreclosure proceedings on March 20, 2009. The property was foreclosed in September 2009.

1916 Vista Cay

Sold for $139,000 under asking price in April 2008.

1917 Vista Cay

A three-bedroom, two-bathroom townhouse at 1917 Vista Cay is scheduled for foreclosure auction on February 8, 2008 March 10, 2008 March 24, 2008 was canceled. House sold on March 11, 2008 for $540,000 in a short sale.

1937 Vista Cay

Notice of Default. Public records show the 2nd installment of 2007 property taxes has not been paid. Notice of default filed September 14, 2009. Homeowners dues assessment filed.

2021 Vista Del Mar

Edgewater Isle Master Association pursued unpaid dues and ultimately foreclosed on 2021 Vista Del Mar. The homeowners who had moved in allegedly never paid HOA dues while they lived there. Additionally, a lawsuit was filed in small claims court for the unpaid dues.


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