Has Safeway revoked Kelly McGuirk's Club Card?

“…the suspect, later identified as Kelly McGuirk, came into the store with a large, obviously empty, cloth shopping bag. REDACTED recognized her as a shoplifter she had seen in the store about a year ago[*], and observed her walking down the aisle pushing a shopping cart lined with rolls of paper towels, a typical shoplifter’s ploy to avoid detection.”

safeway club cardOn August 20, 1996, Kelly McGuirk was arrested and booked into San Mateo County Jail for theft. Ordinarily a petty theft, McGuirk had prior convictions for theft, making this one a felony. This is McGuirk's second conviction of theft from Safeway. The first known one is here, but was at a different store.

*The Safeway clerk observed McGuirk steal before, but McGuirk's previous conviction for theft from Safeway was at the Foster City Safeway store, not Crystal Springs. So it appears McGuirk got away with that one.

Kelly McGuirk apprehended after she left the store concealing merchandise

Kelly McGuirk said that she has a problem with shoplifting that she cannot control

Kelly McGuirk booked for petty theft

Criminal complaint: People v Kelly McGuirk

Criminal complaint: People v Kelly McGuirk page 2

Kelly McGuirk pleads guilty to felony theft

Kelly McGuirk order of commitment to jail

Conditions of probation signed by Kelly McGuirk

Commitment of Kelly McGuirk to county jail signed by judge

Conditions of probation signed by Kelly McGuirk after violation of probation

Kelly McGuirk amended order of commitment to county jail


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Kelly McGuirk's Criminal Past

On and off again board member had access to the HOA's checking account while being a convicted thief.

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