Association operated while not legally authorized.

Most corporations have their act together enough not to be suspended by the Secretary of State. Edgewater Isle North is not one of those corporations.

Edgewater Isle dropped the ball and yet collected dues from homeowners while legally a suspended corporation. And how many people got "late fees" on their dues while the HOA corporation itself was far later than anyone would have imagined?

Community Management Services failed for 15 months to update records.

Community Management Services had been the property management company for approximately 15 months when this suspension occurred. Community Management Services had not in the previous year changed the agent from the previous management company to show themselves as the new agent. Community Management Services was compensated for those 15 months as an "expert" in property management services.

15 months!!! Maybe those annoying suspension notices finally caught their attention.

Screen shot of Edgewater Isle's suspended status as a California corporation. Taken from California Secretary of State web site

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