Appears to be “deferred maintenance”

A reader on wrote on September 9, 2019, about his visit with his son to the Edgewater Isle dock along the lagoon. He wrote that he and his son fell through the open hole in the dock.

The Edgewater Isle Master Association is responsible for the maintenance of this dock, and it appears as a line item in its budget and reserve study. Why are there two holes in the dock?

Edgewater Isle dock has 2 holes

Edgewater Isle dock has 2 holes. Edgewater Isle Master Association did not repair dock

Edgewater Isle dock has holes

Edgewater Isle dock has 2 holes


The Association has been asked for a comment via email on September 10, 2019, and mentioned in a tweet. Edgewater Isle Master Association failed to comment. (But, what can you say when the deferred maintenance is obvious?)

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Kelly McGuirk's Criminal Past

On and off again board member had access to the HOA's checking account while being a convicted thief.

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