Another car towed at Edgewater Isle

A resident tweets that his car was towed at Edgewater Isle: resident was not given any warning and resident did not know how to get his car back.

visitors only signLucrative business for towing companies

The signs around Edgewater Isle indicate "visitors only" spaces, and they do say "residents subject to immediate tow."

The "Parking Rules" document states:

“Any vehicle parked in ANY visitor parking space for more than three (3) nights per calendar month will be subject to towing at the vehicle owner's expense.”

Edgewater Isle Master Association contracts with a towing company, and it is easy money for that towing company to tow cars sitting in a homeowners association and begin running the clock on storage fees. And it is almost always in the middle of the night that cars are towed: it's easier for the towing company to avoid confrontation.

All residents may want to read the "Parking Rules" which should be provided to every buyer as part of the disclosures and to every renter from their landlord. If these rules were not provided, renters could sue a landlord in small claims court for failure to disclose, and an owner could sue the management company in small claims court for failure to disclose (if the disclosure documents were provided by the management company during a recent sale).

Read the rules. Don't be a mark for them.

New resident towed. Common Interest Management Services not replying.

A new resident at Edgewater Isle writes, new to the age-old problem of the lack of parking at Edgewater Isle. Instead of the welcome wagon, this resident was greeted to the community with the management company's lack of responses to the new resident's inquiries, and having their car towed.

The new resident asks what we can do to help with the Common Interest Management Services' failure to respond to questions about parking.

The resident writes:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: New Resident Parking Issue
Date: Mon, March 08, 2021 2:24 pm

Hey there!

Sorry to bother, especially since you run a forum for the Edgewater Isle and are not the property management company. However, I'm at a complete loss and have not heard back from anyone so I'm seeking out advice from you.

I recently just moved within this past week to Edgewater Isle and have been desperately trying to contact the property management company, HOA, and Debbie in regards to purchasing a reserved parking spot. No one has replied back to me and my car was towed this Sunday morning at 1:30 AM because I have nowhere else to park besides the visitor spot because no one is replying back to me and helping me out with this situation!

Do you have any advice for us to help solve this issue?

An extremely worried new resident

To answer the worried resident's question: we suggest putting your questions in writing to the management company and copy the president of Common Interest: Dan Nelson at

Fight over parking

A woman on Via Vista reported yesterday at 12:44 p.m., that a second woman (described as white female adult wearing a white shirt) was yelling at her over a parking dispute and tried to grab her cell phone through her car window. The suspect woman was reported in a white Volvo. No arrest made.

Edgewater Isle gets a bad review on Yelp

Carl writes on that:

Worst place ever! Management is terrible and they don't let you park on the street. They should be worried about thieves breaking into cars, and not bothering residents about parking. Common Interest Management Services people are very rude, including BBueno, the community manager - terrible customer service.

Seems like the Master Board needs to work with Community Management Services, the Master Association's management company, on customer service. Carl L. and Rick B. both agree.

Edgewater Isle gets a poor review on

Resident sued Master Association over towing dispute

On April 13, 2012, resident Jeremy Doolittle filed small claims case SCS126187 against the Edgewater Isle Master Association and its parking enforcement service, Northwest Protective Services, for $442 for towing Doolittle's car from an Edgewater Isle parking lot on November 21, 2011.


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Moxi Posner's Criminal Past

Moxi Posner, also known as Lois Posner, has been very active within the Edgewater Isle community for years. She has been an outspoken advocate for her own various causes, and has appeared in at least two local newspaper articles.

While describing herself as a "homeowner and realtor advocate," Posner has a more colorful background: Posner has 5 criminal convictions for theft, 2 restraining orders against her, and this event that was previously discussed here.

Posner's five convictions in San Mateo County run from 1992 - 2007. It was between criminal convictions in 2006 that she was issued the first restraining order against her from a next-door neighbor. The facts are here.

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