Director Annalee Edwards held a secret meeting and documented it.

If you don't think that boards gossip and chat outside of meetings, send e-mail to each other, and otherwise take actions not documented in meetings, they do and here's proof.

During the North's reconstruction (appropriately, it sounds like a Civil War reference) between 2000 - 2002, communication to owners about when their property would be worked on was not sent as it had been represented it would be sent. Many homeowners complained to the association about not receiving any notice.

Here, a homeowner (who is also a board member) didn't receive notice. Surprisingly, workers one day began to demolish the fence. So the homeowner painted the half-demolished fence "do not demo" and the remaining board of directors got snarky and sneaky. They conducted their own private meeting, without notice to anyone, over e-mail. And here is that e-mail.

Annalee Edwards took the authority to write a letter without a complete board vote or any other discussion or notice. (This did not qualify under the legal definition of an "emergency meeting.") And involved her father in taking pictures. How pathetic.

Annalee Edwards took action outside of her authority

And this e-mail from 2 board members had the management company do their dirty work and send a letter:

Edgewater Isle North board members through Pelican Management send a letter that is the result of 2 board members secret meeting

Oh really? "The Board" sent this? Since the recipient WAS A BOARD MEMBER and of a board of directors was at it again. And a stupid management company who allows itself to do the dirty work of those board members.

And here is the offending fence:

The HOA was already in complete disarray

When an HOA already looked like a war zone (see below), and one might wonder what difference does this make on a partially demolished fence that will be completely demolished in 2 days. Oh yes, THE BOARD didn't CONTROL it.


Partial demolition of a fence at Edgewater Isle

Siding during reconstruction at Edgewater Isle


Street spray painted during reconstruction  at Edgewater Isle


Another homeowner also had had enough and painted "Paint Me" on the side of their building. Annalee Edwards did not have the same reaction to this homeowner's actions.

A homeowner at Edgewater Isle begs for the building to be painted


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Moxi Posner's Criminal Past

Moxi Posner, also known as Lois Posner, has been very active within the Edgewater Isle community for years. She has been an outspoken advocate for her own various causes, and has appeared in at least two local newspaper articles.

While describing herself as a "homeowner and realtor advocate," Posner has a more colorful background: Posner has 5 criminal convictions for theft, 2 restraining orders against her, and this event that was previously discussed here.

Posner's five convictions in San Mateo County run from 1992 - 2007. It was between criminal convictions in 2006 that she was issued the first restraining order against her from a next-door neighbor. The facts are here.

Get Help with Your HOA Problem

The California Attorney General may be able to help you with your HOA problem. See what they can and cannot do.

Kelly McGuirk's Criminal Past

On and off again board member had access to the HOA's checking account while being a convicted thief.

2016: Arrested for Assault
2009: Convicted of Theft
2008: Convicted of Theft
1997: Convicted of Theft
1996: Convicted of Theft
1995: Convicted of Theft
1993: Convicted of Thefts
1988: Convicted of Theft
1986: Convicted of Theft