Negates election by not voting

This is exactly why this arrangement of HIP Housing having a voting block is not in the best interest of homeowners.

After all of the whining about how "unfair" it is that he's doubly represented, Bruce Hamilton did not even vote in the homeowner's petition to change the bylaws and CC&Rs. Hamilton used-car salesmen tactics and failed to vote in this election: his lack of votes would contribute to the lack of a quorum, and thus not having enough votes to have the election be valid.

The silver lining is that this measure otherwise did pass by a vote of 149 - 42. So there is obviously sweeping sentiment that this little "arrangement" isn't quite right. The rest of the homeowners who couldn't be bothered to vote must enjoyed being screwed by an outside entity with double, untouchable representation on a board.

Maybe next time.

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