Kelly McGuirk convicted of stealing from Costco

After been ordered by the Court to stay away from Safeway, Kelly McGuirk was accused of stealing two boxes of cigarettes from a new store: Costco.

The Foster City Police Bulletin shows:

Shoplifting -- Occurred at Costco. Shoplifter in custody reported.  McGuirk, Kelly A, SM resident was arrested and transported to county jail for petty theft with priors.  Taken were 2 cartons of cigarettes valued at $90. Disposition: Arrest made.

Complaint Filed by District Attorney

Kelly McGuirk charged with theft from Costco

Kelly McGuirk-- Count 1 -- willfully steal personal property of Costco, Foster City


Kelly McGuirk-- Count 1 -- wilfully steal personal property of Costco, Foster City

Here's the Bail Receipt

bail receipt for Kelly McGuirk


Kelly McGuirk pleads guilty to felony

Kelly McGuirk, who was recently active in choosing pool furniture, today pleaded guilty ("nolo contendere") to her latest theft charge of stealing cigarettes from Costco. This plea results in a felony conviction. Sentencing was 60 days in jail, no Sheriff's Work Program (i.e., no picking up trash on the freeway or washing police cars) followed by 3 years supervised probation.


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Kelly McGuirk's Criminal Past

On and off again board member had access to the HOA's checking account while being a convicted thief.

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