And, Sandra Bonato Volunteers To Train Others' Attorneys. How Nice.

Now, here we have a letter from Sandra Bonato, attorney from Berding & Weil, who just pulls things out of thin air because apparently she believes some people will believe anything. After we all stopped laughing, we had to wonder, was this Sandra Bonato's idea or was it the board's idea to fabricate the whole "police" thing? And to end this delicious bit of comedy, Sandra Bonato offers to train someone else's attorney on the law. How very nice of her.




November 7, 2007

Moxi Posner
2247 Vista Del Mar
San Mateo, CA 94404

Re:     Edgewater Isle South Homeowners Association
          Petition / Communications with Management

Dear Ms. Posner,

We represent Edgewater Isle South Homeowners Association. The Association's board of directors has asked us to respond to recent communications to the Association from you.

First, this is to notify you that neither of the petitions you presented to the Association, each dated October 18, 2007 and received on different dates, can be accepted. A petition must contain identifiable and verifiable signatures of five members of the Association in order to be valid. Some of the signatures provided cannot be verified as belonging to owners of record. A third signature is illegible. If or when a valid petition is received from you, the Association will respond within the statutorily mandated time period.

Secondly, we understand that you have attempted to correspond with the Association's managing agent at his home address. This is to notify you that such conduct is unacceptable and has been reported to the local police department. If you wish to communicate with the Association, you may do so in writing to the official mailing address of the Association or in person at regularly scheduled board meetings. Given the angry tenor of previous calls that you have made to management, telephone calls from you cannot be accepted. If you experience an emergency involving an imminent threat to life or property, call 911.

        3240 STONE VALLEY ROAD WEST, ALAMO, CALIFORNIA 94507-1558 TELEPHONE: 925.838.2090 FAX: 925.820.5592


Moxi Posner
November 7, 2007
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We understand that you may have an attorney. It would be beneficial if I could speak with him or her, to correct certain misconceptions about the law that have circulated.

Very truly yours,


Sandra M Bonato

Sandra M. Bonato

cc:   Board of Directors, Edgewater Isle South Homeowners Association
       Pargett Management Company




EDITORIAL COMMENT: The San Mateo police now take reports for a letter sent via UPS? That's interesting because we couldn't find anything in the California Penal Code describing such a crime. The San Mateo Police Department also confirmed that they have no such report on file. This is apparently Sandra Bonato's attempt at lawyerly intimidation. laughing out loud

NOTE TO HOMEOWNERS: Be careful when the management companies and the lawyers are documenting your "harassment." This is a known tactic: document your harassment and get restraining orders or "5150."

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