McGuirk lists an incorrect address on application

"1670 Via Laguna Circle, Foster City" is not a valid address

Former Edgewater Isle North Association board member Kelly McGuirk, who was removed from the board of directors by a vote of owners in 2016 by a vote of 102 - 8, applied for and received a restraining order on May 12, 2021, against Mark Tilds, the owner of Independent Haulers — her spouse — who she ran ads for in the Edgewater Isle North newsletter. On her application, McGuirk listed an address that does not exist: "1670 Via Laguna Circle, Foster City."

Why would McGuirk incorrectly list her own address in a request for a restraining order? Since this request has been granted by the court, isn't it plausible that it's not enforceable by either San Mateo or Foster City Police because neither city has such an address?

In her request, McGuirk details domestic violence where Edgewater Isle neighbors heard or witnessed the violent situation, causing anguish for McGuirk. Details include McGuirk's allegation of Tilds throwing a vacuum, which had been part of a documented police report. The request for a restraining order came after at least 10 calls were placed to 911 requesting assistance. The court granted the request after a hearing in which Tilds did not attend. The court order requires that Tilds move out of the residence.

What is unusual here is the incorrect listing of her own home address — even the city is wrong! Taking the step of filing a restraining order against one's own husband must be a difficult, yet important, event and yet here, McGuirk wrongly lists her address, an address she has had for about 20 years.

Kelly McGuirk files for a restraining order against Mark Tilds, lists incorrect address

Kelliy McGuirk requests a move-out order on an address that does not exist

Kelly McGuirk requests spousal support via request for restraining order

Kelly McGuirk request for domestic violence restraining order, page 4

Kelly McGuirk describes domestic violence abuse of screaming, swearing, yelling, crashing of items, banging on and slamming doors.

Kelly McGuirk describes neighbors being present in domestic violence incident

Kelly McGuirk describes physical, mental, and emotional abuse in request for domestic violence restraining order

Kelly McGuirk describes Mark Tilds saying that he would kill her if he could

Kelly McGuirk describes Mark Tilds saying that he would call his family and telling her they were going to come kick her ass

Kelly McGuirk request for domestic violence restraining order

Court grants Kelly McGuirk's request for restraining order against Mark Tilds

Court grants restraining order against Mark Tilds

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Kelly McGuirk's Criminal Past

On and off again board member had access to the HOA's checking account while being a convicted thief.

2016: Arrested for Assault
2009: Convicted of Theft
2008: Convicted of Theft
1997: Convicted of Theft
1996: Convicted of Theft
1995: Convicted of Theft
1993: Convicted of Thefts
1988: Convicted of Theft
1986: Convicted of Theft