Edgewater Isle North on notice about resident’s smoking violations

The Edgewater Isle North Association and residents of 1485 Via Laguna have been put on formal notice by San Mateo County that the ongoing pot smoking is not permissible under San Mateo's no smoking ordinance.

Letters sent to both the residents and the Edgewater Isle North Homeowners Association provide information on the "no smoking" ordinance and all enforcement mechanisms available.

Letter from San Mateo County to Edgewater Isle management company

Letter from San Mateo County to residents of 1485 Via Vista regarding smoking

Resident stinks up the place with pot smoke

Readers write in to let us know of a smelly problem around the area of 1485 Via Vista. Specifically, someone is frequently outside smoking marijuana and stinking up the place with their weed.

The City of San Mateo has a "no smoking" ordinance, which includes e-cigarettes and marijuana. It reads:

(a) Smoking is prohibited inside any multi-unit residence and within 40 feet of a multi-unit residence.
(b) Smoking is prohibited within any enclosed and un-enclosed multi-unit residence common area.

1485 Via VistaThe ordinance lists the San Mateo Police department phone number (650)522-7700 as the contact for enforcement of this ordinance.

Contacting the management company in this case, and many cases, is useless.

While smoking weed may be legal, it's not legal to do in San Mateo in a multi-unit housing complex like Edgewater Isle.

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