PML sends checks to compensate for ruined landscaping

PML Management

May 15, 1995

1932 Vista Cay
San Mateo, CA 94404

Re: Damage to Property


Enclosed with this letter please find two checks, one for $40.65 to reimburse you for plants that
were trampled by my maintenance workers and a second check for $50 toward the time and
trouble which you both have had to endure.

As I have mentioned to you at various meetings, the disregard PML has shown to you and to your
property was unforgivable, and I understand your frustration. PML is a service oriented company
dedicated to the owners and residents it represents. As in any business, people can lose sight of
the primary objective. With PML, that is to serve our clients.

Thanks to your observations, PML is in the process of making changes in the way it does
business, not only with Edgewater Isle, but with its other clients. Using the results of forms sent
with the monthly dues invoices (tabulated by the Board of Directors), the various aspects of the
organization will be evaluated. Early results indicate that communications must be improved. To
that end, our telephone answering statfhas been instructed to be courteous and more
understanding. Conflicts, no matter how minor, will be directed to me for resolution before they
escalate into a major problem. Advanced notice will be given to all residents about forthcoming
maintenance projects that will affect their homes. By keeping the residems apprised of on-going
work will help ensure there are no surprises. When the Board has finished its evaluation of PML,
you and the other owners will be advised of the outcome and what changes will be made.
I sincerely hope that I can regain your trust.


signature of Stephen Fox

Stephen A. Fox

cc: Edgewater Isle Boards of Directors

PML Management Corporation 655 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 301, San Mateo, CA 94404 415.349·9113 Fax 415 349·9190

ruined landscaping

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