And a jerk. An uncouth jerk.

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”
— C. S. Lewis

But James Cebrian has likely never heard that quote.

James Cebrian, attorney, solo practitioner, has represented two clients at Edgewater Isle in two separate cases. The first is this harassment case, and the second is not discussed on this site.

insultingBut in that second case, on March 16, 2015, Cebrian insulted the opposing party while out of earshot of the court clerks and lawyers to whom he had just made a professional appearance. While walking out of the courtroom, Cebrian held the door open just long enough to murmur his insults so that no one else could hear. Pretending he was still a professional and fooling only himself.

Not a single attorney from the Big Name law firms and who represent Big Name clients (Comcast, Google, etc.,) on that case behaved in such a reprehensible way. In fact, surprisingly, quite the opposite. The Big Name law firm attorneys without exception were all extremely respectful and courteous to a “pro per” (a person representing themselves in a lawsuit).

But James Cebrian, Attorney, is not a Big Name law firm lawyer nor is he respectful and courteous. Instead, he is a solo practitioner working out of his basement?, guest bedroom? who insults a plaintiff representing themselves when just out of earshot of everyone else.

James Cebrian is a coward. And, he got this email because he is a coward who gives himself a cloak of deniability by being out of earshot of anyone else when he does his dirty work.

Do not call me ever again

From: xxxxxxxxxxxx (


Date: Monday, March 16, 2015, 3:42 PM PDT

Any doubt I had about how low you are was erased when you insulted me on the way out of court today.

As I told you, I am not interested in your client. His or your fear that I would write about him is totally misplaced because there is nothing on the site about this case. I have no interest in prejudicing my own case.

Any further discussion on this IP address must be directed to my email. Stop calling me and leaving messages. You are unprofessional.

Sent from my iPhone

Oh, and James Cebrian lost to a non-lawyer.

James Cebrian proposed court order was denied by San Mateo County Superior Court

James Cebrian on myspace

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