Did Moxi Posner try to curry favor with a judge?

As part of Moxi Posner's attempt to rid herself of a 3-year restraining order issued against her in 2011, she wrote an ex-parte letter to a San Mateo County judge, as shown below.

Arguably, this letter appears to show that Posner wanted to have that judge interject on her behalf to right the “unjust, unreasonable decision” which was made against her and that demanded that she “walk on dynamite.”

May 4, 2012

TO: Honorable Mark Forcum

From: Moxi “Lois” Posner
-Irv’s wife

Re: Remembrance

I am working through an extremely sad, unjust, unreasonable decision, in my view, that the Superior Court made that has impacted my life, my world, in a manner that demands that I walk on dynamite.

Having said that, the laser focus of this note is to share with you that while I was looking for Judge Beth Labson Freeman’s Dept #, I happened upon your name.

I remember when Irv, “Winnie, family name” came home exhilarated with surprise of joy, of accomplishment, when you requested from him a letter of recommendation to the governor. Thank you for this wonderful memory.

It’s been 8 years since that beloved man has past [sic]. He will always live in the innermost recesses of my heart. Being with him has made me a kinder, gentler more aware person.

I wish you a life filled with beautiful, bountiful, positives,

With respect and caring,

Moxi Posner