1997 begins with a letter

In January 1997, Sylvia Morrison wrote a letter to the then-management company, Franciscan Property Management in Redwood City about Irwin and Lois Moxi Posner.

See it below.

This brings us to my third point about  life here at Edgewater South: The Posners. We want to go on record saying that Mr. and Mrs. Posner are disgusting, abuvive, intruding and all-around nosy, nasty neighbors.

and ends with a small claims case against the maintenance employee

After the 1996 letter campaign, in 1997 the Posners brought a small claims case against the Edgewater Isle maintenance staff employee who was mentioned in the above letter.

Irwin and Lois Posner lost this case.

Irwin and Lois Posner filed a small claims case against maintenance employee.