2 neighbors applied for, received civil harassment restraining orders against Lois Posner, a/k/a Moxi Posner

Two of Lois (also known as "Moxi") Posner's neighbors have filed for and received Civil Harassment Restraining Orders against Posner. These documents below are public records, in other words, "a competent court with proper jurisdiction" issued the restraining orders.

2006: Next-door neighbor charged her with harassment

In October 31, 2006, Ms. Posner's next-door neighbor filed a restraining order against Posner as detailed below. A competent court with proper jurisdiction issued a 6-month restraining order against Posner. The person who sought the restraining order wrote in the court filing that Posner:

"10/29 Grabbed me on right arm ripped off back of dress, bruised right arm, 10/22 threatened to have me removed from my home; grabbed arm and bruised arm, pushing me away from my home front door."

Request for restraining order against Moxi Posner

Why neighbor wanted a restraining order against Moxi Posner

MInutes from hearing that issued a restraining order against Moxi Posner

(Source: San Mateo County records.)

2011: A second neighbor gets a 3-year restraining order

Again, a next-door neighbor files a restraining order against Posner, and a competent court with proper jurisdiction granted the restraining order, this time for 3 years.

Moxi Posner is hit with another restraining order

(Source: San Mateo County court records.)